2019 Hard-Surface Imports

Other Calcareous

2019 Value: $118,342,233 Change from 2018: -13.9%

Other Calcareous Imports

(U.S. dollars)

Other Calcareous retained the title of Most-Volatile Sector in hard surfaces for 2019, with its lowest total in five years and a double-digit decline from 2018. It’s still far away from its $200-million-plus levels of the mid 2000s, but not as depressing as 2011’s $89.1 million.

Other Calcareous also tends to be the least-stratified of hard-surface sectors. Italy led 2019 with $24.1 million, with the other top five countries each shipping between $12.8 million to $17 million. The next four countries on the list shipped between $5.1 million and $7.6 million each, and the next nine send between $1.1 million to $2.9 million.

The result: the ups-and-downs of smaller exporters can have a larger effect on overall value, as in 2017.

2019 Volume: 122,542 MT Change from 2018: -19.4%

Other Calcareous Imports

(metric tons)

Smaller exporters played a role this year in stemming the decline of all Other Calcareous shipments to the United States. The 19.4% drop is a sizeable chunk, but it could’ve been much worse.

All of the top five showed losses from 2019, and two – China and Canada – fell by more than 35%. The Nos. six and seven countries (Spain and India) posted increases of more than 30%, and the balance of remaining countries leveled out gains and losses.

Look again at the chart for the All Others totals; the difference between 2018 and 2019 is exactly one metric ton.

2019 Value per Ton: $965.83 Change from 2018: 6.9%

Other Calcareous Imports

(U.S. dollars)

With all the movement of value and volume overall, the surprising result is a relatively calm VPT path in the past five years.

Only two countries bucked a relatively mild progression; Italy, with its four-year cannon shot from 2015-2018, and Canada’s rise, fall and partial recovery.