2019 Hard-Surface Imports


2019 Value: $46,737,304 Change from 2018: -14.4%

Non-Roofing Slate Imports

(U.S. dollars)

Non-roofing slate imports continue on a 13-year downhill journey from its all-time high of $130.8 million in 2006. Even with a few years of small upturns, the main path is on a decline; this year’s $46.7 million is the worst since the $41 million of 1998.

While Italy and India once led this sector, China moved into the top spot in 2006 and came to dominate the field. The country held half of the material’s U.S. customs value last year.

Due to differing measurement units (cubic feet or metric ton) for various categories of non-roofing slate, total import volume for the material is unavailable.