Why we're changing

We’re already used to the concepts that technology changes and technology changes everything in our business and personal lives. Part of the reason that we’re altering the look of Stone Update Magazine is a change in our publication platform. We’re still with Instant Magazine; during the past year, the company developed a new way of creating and assembling online publications, and we’ve decided to take the plunge into the new format with the magazine.

It’s not just change to be disruptive. (And, by the way, when did “disruptive” become a good thing?) The new format also addresses one of our biggest challenges in creating a great reader experience – working with smaller displays, such as tablets and smartphones. Our 2018 format worked well, but the new design works better with photographs, text and … yes, advertising.

One thing you’ll notice in the following pages is a simplification of specifications. Two basic ad sizes meet the requirements of most display placements. Those two sizes fit all display screens and, in some cases, work better on smartphones. And, in our Directory section, ads designed for the stoneupdate.com website can be picked up and used in the magazine with no alterations required.

Another advertiser-friendly feature of the new format is the elimination of the Call-to-Action (CTA) button. That’s because the full surface of every ad in 2019 will be live (like most webads), so a click anywhere on the display launches a new browser window to your URL. The CTA was a workaround in the previous layout, and going to direct display-ad linking is easier for readers and advertisers alike.

If, for some reason, you really want a separate Call-to-Action button, we can place it … just like the one below to show you our new premium position, the Full Page.