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Granite: Doubtful it's Green Bloom


I had light granite countertops installed approximately three weeks ago by a kitchen-installation company & have had a terrible experience through it all. Long story short, three days after they installed the peninsula countertop, I noticed a yellow stain near the join, but not on it. I'm wondering if there's anyone here who may know what could possibly be staining it and how to fix it.

The initial fabricator tried removing with acetone, and the stain didn't budge. Then they soaked a paper towel in bleach, and taped it down for 12 hours - there was no change in the stain.

The whole experience working with them was a headache, and it was agreed I would receive a few hundred dollar credit. This amount was agreed on based on me meeting with various pros who said they could remove the stain.

While I waited for the pro (new fabricator recommended by a store that sells fabrication supplies) to come and remove it, I tried using mangia macchia which didn't work. I covered with Saram wrap for 4 hours, then removed the plastic, and let it air dry for 36 hours. No change in the stain when I did this.

I tried applying Lemon scented Easy Off Oven cleaner 5 times, covering in Saran Wrap, and progressively leaving it on the granite longer. I started at 15 minutes and the longest I left it was 2 hours.

By the time I finished these removal methods, the new fabricator came over and the yellowish stain had changed to a dark green. He tried applying a few different chemicals - not sure exactly all of the ones he used but the stain didn't move. He grinded away the first top layer to expose the stone pores. Then applied a number of chemicals again - acetone, lemon juice, bleach, and there were others but I'm unsure what else was tried. He polished it back up and nothing happened to the stain.





After he left, I tried mangia macchia mixed with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide 3% and let that sit for almost 48 hours. The stain didn't move, and changed the color of the stain to a bit more of a curry yellow / redbull yellow color.

Next I tried soaking paper towels in mineral spirits and leaving it taped down with Saran Wrap on the stone for 24 hours. Immediately after the 24 hours, I applied unmixed mangia macchia to the stain for 8 hours and the mangia macchia was uncovered. There was no change.

Next I tried Goof Off Glue Remover mixed with acetone and tried rubbing that in with paper towels for 20 minutes or so, and that didn't do anything.

Next I tried Hydrogen Peroxide 40 mixed with baby powder. I let that sit on the stain uncovered for 2 hours and there was no change.

This morning the fabricator came over again, and removed the top layer again to expose the stone. He tried pool chlorine, pool acid, acetone, lemon juice, and some other chemicals which I'm not sure what it was. There was no improvement in the stain.

At this point, I honestly don't know what to try. I love my kitchen, but it's pretty sad when I have to see this stain everyday. It seems like such a waste of money to spend on a brand new kitchen, and have it already be stained. I'm really hopeful that someone may be able to offer a solution or something else to try. I would be extremely grateful for any recommendations - whether it's DIY or a pro who can come help!!!


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Kind of looks like rust to me. Have the pro come back and try some rust removing treatments.

Mitch Korth

Production Manager, Austin Stone Works

Austin, Texas


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Thanks for replying Mitch! While I was in preliminary discussions with different pro's at the start of this on how to remove the stain, one stain remover specialist tested for rust with a solution that if it turned purple, would've been rust (believe it was Alpha RSR-2000). It didn't change color and he said it wasn't rust.

Since that last post on Saturday, and out of desperation, I went to the pool store and asked for a stronger acid (the pro who came on Saturday tried Sulfuric Acid which didn't work). I bought muriatic acid, and so far, it's the only thing reacting with the stain. I'm still treating it, but this is what it looks now after treating it about 12 times I'd say (increasing in exposure from 5 minutes up to 12 hours now). I hope it continues to improve.

Does the stain reacting with muriatic acid, give any indication as to what it was?

Matt Lansing

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Yep, that looks like a rust stain to me. I'd apply a chemical from Lithofin called Bero to it. Its a good strong rust remover for stone. It will darken the area for about a week but that's a good thing, it soaks down into the stone to dissolve the original iron in the stone that caused the rust in the first place, as well as removing the rust stain as well.

GranQuartz shows the Bero on their website.

Matt Lansing

Stone Innovations Inc.

Plover, Wis. USA

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Thank you Matt! Is there any risk in using the Bero and making the stain worse? My concern is my previous experience where the stain started out yellow and then progressed to a very noticeable curry yellow / green color (attached initial Stain Pic). Is that typical for rust stains to change colors if wrong chemicals are used on it?

The Muriatic Acid has not made further progress since my Oct 7th post, so I'm willing to try to remedy the situation; however, unsure if the Bero will make it worse.


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I know you are trying to save your countertop. I just wonder what is happening as each different solution is being tried. For example, if Matt''s suggestion had been first and it worked, would it work now, after all of the other chemicals have been added and soaked in as well. I don't have an answer for that, just a curious observation/question. Can't blame you for trying everything, the kitchen looks great.

David Lovelock

Daltile Stone Center Sarasota

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I don't disagree with you David. Personally, I think that if I first tried the Muriatic Acid, then that would have removed it.

I read up on the Bero and it does seem to contain acids which I'm hoping will be a similar effect to the Muriatic Acid. My only concern is making it worse. If it remains the same, then I have no issues and at least I tried.

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