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Arrow Pattern in Standard Flat ADI Polish


The last two days I have been noticing lines that start small and gradually get bigger until they suddenly disappear. Does anybody know what would be causing this and how I could fix it? I've dressed all the bits to try to fix this, but nothing has happened. I've attached an image of what the issue looks like.


We found that this is generally caused by too much pressure on your polish wheels. Ben Welch- Top of the World Granite


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Did you check to make sure your cut is straight? Maybe the saw is walking a bit and not leaving enough stock in areas. Justin Zacherl Creekside Granite 814 657 3294 Reno, Pa. http://www.creeksidegranite.com Team Bubba Boater

Mark Smith

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Run a wheel print. http://helixtools.tumblr.com Fresh baked cnc tools > https://vimeo.com/184568875 Zenesis DNA series > https://vimeo.com/96023198 New marble blade > https://vimeo.com/156102448 msmith@helixtools.net


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Check your bits and their settings, dress them, looks like you are missing spots from POS 2 up. Dave Scott Slabworks of Montana "What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others" - Pericles To learn, we must teach; to receive, we must give; and to be loved we must love.


Does this pattern repeat over a longer run? Todd Branson Stoneworks CNC Programmer/Technician 201 Kapa’a Quarry Place | Warehouse #45 | Kailua, Hawaii


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To me it appears as if the tool isn't really tight to the cone and perhaps is being drug around in some spots. It is possible on a polisher. Eric Pate Technical Director TERMINATOR DIA INC SFA 2012 Educator of the Year 980-333-3540


I've seen this a couple times with quartz products only. We tried to hand-polish only to find out that the pattern was in the material. Bob Slusser Carved In Stone Jefferson City, Mo.


We kind of figured as much, since this pattern only appeared on this quartz. We haven't seen it since.

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