Integra Adhesives is known industry-wide for high performance adhesives in the largest range of pre- mixed colors. Our chemists have over 35 years of experience making some of the strongest adhesives on the market. We’ve even got a few fabricators on staff to guide us on what matters most in the field. So it’s no surprise that Surface Bonder Zero is a favorite of both fabricators and surface manufacturers. But did you know…

With the growing popularity of Quartz in home and commercial uses, Surface Bonder Zero is developed to address the demands of modern architectural designs. Its no-sag formula is the leading choice for vertical applications, mitered edges and even reverse miters.

The non-sagging formula of Surface Bonder Zero means less mess to clean up, especially during installs in the field. Plus, the zero sag allows you to put down exactly what’s needed for clamping, resulting in less waste — saving you money.

Our experts meticulously color match so you get a seamless finish every time. Surface Bonder Zero comes in the largest array of whites and all popular colors to compliment almost every Quartz slab.


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