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of the future

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Innovation is the key to success, and this is particularly true in an extremely competitive context.

Breton R&D team has been working hard to always innovate quartz slabs manufacturing and we would like to share with you the most recent outcomes of our research.

Discover Breton’s new products:

  • Kreos®: a totally redesigned slab-production process that makes possible the production of slabs never seen before.
  • Bioquartz®: a potential revolution in your choice of raw material, giving priority to a closer, readily available and safer product.
  • Eterial®: a new extra light support for quartz or ceramic slabs.

... there is a great potential in the quartz industry!

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Kreos® slabs: ultra-light & ultra-exotic

Kreos® is a substantial redesign of the quartz slabs manufacturing process.

The new system provides an additional color complexity in the pattern design. This allows you to create any patterns you can imagine.

Kreos® also reduces the raw material and energy consumption, having a positive impact on sustainability - the waste and energy consumption for slab calibration is reduced by more than 40%.

But it is not over.

The major innovation is that it can produce quartz slabs down to 5 mm thickness!

Interior cladding, veneering and renovation are just few of the possible new markets.

Even greener ...

with Bioquartz®
and Biolenic®

Breton has developed the technology for manufacturing Bioquartz® slabs, a synthetic mineral obtained through an exclusive process of pyrolytic transformation of common siliceous sands from natural deposits or residues of industrial processes, mixed with other minerals.

Bioquartz® has equal properties of natural quartz, and thus it can be used as a raw material to replace natural quartz or cristobalite granules and powders for the fabrication of Bretonstone®.

Moreover, Breton has developed Biolenic® to replace polyester resin with an innovative styrene-free organic binder mainly produced using vegetable resources, although maintaining the same technical features as polyester resin and a better resistance to UV rays.

Bioquartz® and Biolenic® patents are added to a broad variety of sustainable solutions which are of great interest to all the green-oriented companies.

Eterial® lightweight panels…

... for thin quartz slabs ...

... or ceramic

Today, a sustainable logistics requires weight reduction.

Breton has patented Eterial®, an ultralight panel, from 2 cm to 4 cm thick, with a mineral base and specific gravity of around half that of wood. It is extremely strong, stable, impermeable, heat-insulating, and easy to process.

Eterial® can be produced with the same thermal expansion coefficient as Bretonstone Quartz or ceramic slabs, so the panel remains perfectly flat, once it has been coupled with the slab.

Eterial® satisfies the need for panels that combine very low weight with high strength, giving birth to a new generation of composite slabs.

Eterial® is an eco-sustainable material, composed primarily of recyclate and materials from renewable sources. It has huge potential for use in the furniture and interior design sector and in architectural projects in general.


Since 1963, Breton has been convinced that innovation is the driving force behind every process.

Breton is the partner to choose when you need advanced technologies and high-performance industrial solutions in the field of the engineered stone.

The companies who trusted Breton are committed to its philosophy of innovation…and we are doing history together.

Behind every major brand and company in the engineered stone sector there’s Breton’s technology.



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