The Perilous Strategy of the Big Switch


Transshipping: Get caught in the crime, and you could be doing time.

Maintenance: Basics of a Service-call Kit


The simplest things get the biggest workout for this stone-restoration expert.

Fabricator Focus


Bailes Granite and Marble made the swtich from glass to stone 16 years ago, and they haven't looked back.

Imagine the Future of Quartz Slabs


Check out three new key developments in quartz surfaces from the innovator: Breton S.P.A.

Outdoor Excellence in Natural Surfaces


The Hardscape North America awards honor the best in natural stone used in residential and commercial outdoor living spaces.

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In deciding a year-end perk, holiday cheer can be a mutually exclusive term.

News Highlights


The U.S. government goofs on a tariff rate; two more U.S. quartz plants announced; more.

The Safe Shop


Lifting slabs with a forklift is common shop practice, but never take anything for granted.

SFA: What's The Answer?


Vein direction on quartzite; crack or fissure?; and, the mystery of the recurring crack on a fire-pit ledge.

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Anil Taneja of LITOSonline offers a sharp, honest look at the stone industry from a different perspective.


Our regular guide to goods and services for the hard-surfaces industry.

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Find the solution you need for your business.


The when and where of events and education for the industry.

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