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Quartz Sink Cutout Failure

Stone Age Granite

We didn't install this - its likely 10 years old. Anyways, we're figuring out how to fix it by removing and replacing the front sink bridge.

Aaron_Ayliffe SFA Member

Is it rodded? Aaron Ayliffe www.tulsagranite.com Office: 918-746-0650 Cell: 918-448-9482 206 E. Main St Wilburton, Ok 74578

Stone Age Granite

I don't think it is but that would make sense. Rodding failure. Maybe oxidizing metal. These are customer pictures. Maybe sink clips. IDK. We won't know till they approve the repair.

Dave.Scott SFA Member

Why would you rod Quartz? Is it 2cm laminated or 3cm? David Scott Architectural Stone of Montana / Slabworks of Montana Bozeman, Mont. 406-522-9001 "What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, what is woven into the lives of others" - Pericles

Andy Ross SFA Member

Because the boss showed the new guy how to rod and said, "rod everything" and then left for lunch. Maybe? Andy Ross Rock Solid Surfaces Kalamazoo, MI 49009 269-372-1777

Stone Age Granite

Haha we were asking ourselves the same thing. In our region we use the 3cm almost exclusively. It appears to be 3cm as normally even if it was 2cm I don't think anyone lams the undermount cut, do they?

Coop SFA Member

We would have that sink replaced with an apron front style in 5-8 hours; we do this regularly with one guy and no mess or dust. The thing to look out for is bisecting the original sink clip slots with the new cutout. Those must be filled and the lighter the color and particulates, the more difficult that becomes. You'll have to tap off the cabinet front; don't even think of pulling the top please.

Please post the sink base cabinet width, the distance from the cabinet front to the furthermost point of the existing cutout, the dimensions of the existing cutout, and I'll make sink replacement recommendations or tell you if you have to go custom. At 3-5K, it's a moneymaker and usually the most-cost-effective alternative. If that's too rich for your client's blood, drop the sink, tap the cabinet front off with a block and hammer, finish the breaks and remove the pieces, pull the rod if there is one, decontaminate, re-adhere the pieces, polish, install the straps or harness, reinstall the cabinet front, tighten the straps or harness, and connect the plumbing. 3-5 hours, $1,500.00.

Omni Cubed Larry Friends of the Alliance

It could be a rod failure, but I'm guessing it is some sort of sink-clip failure (based on the way it is pulling down).


I have seen quartz split like that before when it is cut to close to the edge of a slab. It is however a manufacturer defect in material. I could see this happening if the fabricators rodded it as well. If it can get cleaned enough, Integra color-matched glue might be able to perform a repair that would be unnoticeable.

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