SFA: What's the Answer?

We're Not Plumbers, But ....

(From Stone Fabricators Alliance Facebook page)

Vaughan Portwood

Anyone expecting or schedule their installers to do plumbing?? If so what do you pay your installers who have knowledge on both?

Jason Singer

We hired 3 plumbers and started a plumbing company ….

Daniel Pruitt

We have a jack-of-all-trades kinda guy who does all of that here for us. He polishes splash when there is nothing to do but if anything goes bad in the shop he can fix it from electric to plumbing. So when we have a customer who needs plumbing done he’s our guy

Sean Sellers

Is he licensed and insured?

Daniel Pruitt

We are licensed and insured for all of it here in Maryland. We are what is called MHIC and are basically considered a remodel contractor that specializes in stone. As long as we don’t have to move any existing plumbing lines just reconnect, we are more than covered if anything goes wrong.

Sean Sellers

OK so you will be liable for anything he touches.

Daniel Pruitt

Sure thing buddy. That’s exactly what my post says.

Amanda Celeste Jones-Bell

You have to have a plumbing license here in NC. We do disconnect to save time, but never reconnect. You have one leak, and it could turn into thousands with flooring and cabinets really quick. Be careful. Our insurance co. will not cover that stuff.

Ashley Flores

Guy tried to get me for a leaky shut off/main. I don’t even do tear-outs now.

Tony Neylon

Same as everyone else, No license, No touchy. In Alabama we are allowed to tear out and remove plumbing and electrical and gas so long as they all have termination points.

Chris Fabbri

We’re SFA not PLA. Don’t touch my rock, I won’t touch your pipe.

Jason Carver

It’s an insurance liability!! No!!

Dan Riccolo

Check your local codes & insurance coverage. In Illinois, you can't do plumbing in a residence (other than your own) without a proper license. Your insurance will, likely, not cover a mess up without a licensed person doing the work.

Sean Sellers

It cost us 16k feeling sorry for a little old lady.

Eric Wilber

No good deed goes unpunished.

Sean Sellers

If they aren't licensed and insured, you’re crazy ... if they are licensed and insured, go for it ... perfect example former installer felt sorry for little old lady ... did plumbing ... old pipe that was connected to new pipe busts the company had to write a check a pretty big check to replace floor ... no license homeowners insurance don't pay.

Centex Surplus

Not licensed therefore can only do demo, not reconnect.

Ted Conrad

Policy is strictly no plumbing.

Melanie Moore

We don't do it for insurance liability reasons. Disconnect, no reconnect.

John Burdick

Just make sure plumbers and you have correct insurance or can be out fast.

Tom Junior

Occasional disconnect for a fee if they have shut-offs in the sink base. Never reconnect.

Thomas Peters

I hope you carry caps with you.

Tom Junior

Not licensed therefore can only do demo, not reconnect.

Jamey King

My first granite company had us taking two basic plumbing classes and we disconnected and reconnected just about every job we did. They charged $350 for a kitchen sink and $200 per vanity. It's pretty hard to mess up basic plumbing of a sink. Train them and there is no reason they shouldn't be able to complete the task.

Helio Muneton

If your installer does plumbing expect a 3 am call about faucet leaking.

Aaron Eckard

It's definitely a liability bro, but you and I both know that in western NY the boss is gonna say do it and get that stone in. And so are most of the owners on here screaming liability. Don't do it. All it takes is one time for a pipe to bust when no one is home, and guess who's gonna take the blame ... that's right ... the installer🙄

Theresa Cherry Reavis

We will not do EVER.

Vaughn Portwood

It’s simple, but knowing how to deal with shit when it goes wrong I don’t know.

James Fought

They charge $250-$300 then “give” installer an extra hr. of work.

Darren Shelton

Don’t do it. One broken pipe away from a lawsuit

Jesus Martin Martinez

Keep away. I had an owner I worked for say he can do it. Well, it leaked and flooded the house while everyone was gone after install ... crazy ... I saw it. Told the boss. Said it wasn’t his problem. I got pissed.

Joe Kriske

Install the fixtures and let them do the final connections. But charge for the time involved.

Ismail Fersat

I wouldn’t do it. I tried first year when started the business 15 years ago. Pain was more than gain.

Jamey King

You should also be paying your leads very well so that they give a shit about what they are doing. That goes a long way.

Philipp Lengefeld

It's not the knowledge. Will need a ticket for it.

Steve Vasquez

No insurance here on Cali won’t cover it.

That's it for this issue.