Audio Articles

What's Next with Waterjet?

Five manufacturers of waterjet-cutting systems for hard surfaces talk about the current trends and what's ahead.

The Travails of Travertine

U.S. imports keep dropping for a once-popular stone. For most observers, it's all a matter of fashion.

Fabricator Focus

It's still a family business at Miller Fabricators in Camden, N.J., where the sons listened to what Dad said.

News Highlights

Among the topics: Caesarstone gets in the porcelain-slab business, and MSI opens a facility near Philly.

Creating Surface Standards

U.S. industry associations work to create ISO-recognized standards for hard surfaces. There's an investment needed to make this work (below).

The Safe Shop: Evacuate!

Make sure everyone knows how to evacuate the shop safetly and quickly. The day may come when this is not a drill.

Spall: Get Some Respect

Your work is worth more than a can of paint. It's time to make people recognize that.