San Domino Grezzo (above)

Ripiano (below)


ENVIRONMENTAL STONEWORKS, Centennial, Colo., unveils two new manufactured stone veneer products. San Domino Grezzo Stone Veneer panels offer the latest modern style in unique textures and five size options to create endless possibilities of pattern. Four colors are offered: Principe, San Domino, Sabbie Nere and Rosa. Ripiano Stone Veneer is designed to eliminate the seams often seen with single-stone applications while providing a natural-looking, modern aesthetic. Colors include Star Dust, Eclipse, Lunar, Mystic, Orion and Lyra. CONTACT: Environmental StoneWorks, 800-891-5402

Fortezza Biasca (above)

Fortezza Motorano (below)


GRANULATI ZANDOBBIO S.P.A., Lombardia, Italy, presents L’Altra Pietra, a sintered stone paver designed for projects of all sizes. Veins, imperfections and colors combine to recreate the beauty and elegance of stones from all over the world while offering the technical and performance advantages of full-body porcelain stoneware, making them ideal for outdoor spaces in search of a modern appearance. Made in Italy, these pavers come in 2 cm thickness with a surface that requires little maintenance because it does not absorb water, is resistant to temperature changes even below freezing, and comes with a non-slip R11 guarantee. CONTACT: Granulati Zandobbio S.p.A., +39 035/941584

Eldorado Stone

Koryak Ridge™

Eldorado Stone

Sea Cliff™ European Ledge®

Eldorado Stone

Loire Valley™ Rough Cut®


ELDORADO STONE LLC, San Marcos, Calif., announces the addition of three new color palettes for three classic stone profiles to its collection of manufactured architectural stone. With an emphasis on lighter hues, the new products accentuate unique tones and natural textures that blend modern aesthetics with an Old-World look. The new colors are:

• Koryak Ridge™ Stacked Stone, which interprets the dappled highlights and shadows of diffused sunlight on a rugged rock face in a dry-stacked look;

• Sea Cliff™ European Ledge®, which evokes the sun-speckled cliffs along the Mediterranean with a unique balance of light creams and bright highlights across weather-worn surface contours and is assembled into tightly stacked ledge pieces of varying heights and lengths, and; • Loire Valley™ Rough Cut®, which is inspired by the French countryside and presents a sophisticated gradient of ivories and muted creams with touches of sand and rust. CONTACT: Eldorado Stone LLC, 800-925-1491

Daltile Assemble Proxy

Daltile Ambassador

Daltile Diplomacy (Light Grey and Dark Grey)


DALTILE®, Dallas, launches its new TREAD line of 2cm outdoor porcelain pavers. The TREAD program offers the looks of wood, quartzite, and assorted stone, including slate, French limestone and Belgian bluestone in porcelain pavers that are fade-proof, stain-proof, scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, fire-resistant and slip resistant. The TREAD Porcelain Paver program consists of six collections, including two new assortments and four popular existing collections. Commissary brings the rustic beauty of natural wood to exterior floors while Assemble features an assortment of unique stone-look visuals. Assemble can be coordinated with the new Assemble interior flooring tiles to create a seamless look from indoors to outdoors. The existing porcelain paver collections that are now part of the TREAD line include Ambassador, Diplomacy, Delegate and Dignitary. Ambassador is inspired by fine-grain quartzite found in the Swiss Alps. Diplomacy mimics the look of quarried Belgian bluestone and is available in two hues and two sizes. Delegate is inspired by sedimentary slates, while Dignitary replicates French limestone embedded with fossil layers and natural veins. All but Commissary offer coordinating vertical porcelain tiles and mosaics, making them ideal for use as a feature wall behind an outdoor barbeque or kitchen, or as the face of an outdoor fireplace. CONTACT: Daltile; 877-556-5728.


ENVIRONMENTAL STONEWORKS, Centennial, Colo., offers a new version of its column wrap to match the nationally available ClipStone system. The mortarless column wraps are easy to install and are designed to fit any 4” X 4” or 6” X 6” post or column, as well as 8” X 8” structures. Each 12” high section has two mechanical fasten points to assist in the fitting process. Available colors include Poinset, Ash, Walnut and Teton Grey. To finish the job, Environmental StoneWorks offers a split 18” X 18” capstone in Tan, Smoke, Walnut and Light Grey. CONTACT: Environmental StoneWorks, 800-891-5402


SCHLUTER SYSTEMS, Plattsburgh, N.Y., presents the TROBA-LEVEL™, a paver support system, that supports 2cm thick porcelain tiles rated for exterior use. This pedestal system supports the tiles above the substrate with no bonding system required, offering a number of advantages over bonded-tile methods including ease of installation, natural drainage and ventilation. The system is available with several accessories designed to manage sloped substrates and different thicknesses of tile so that a level terrace or patio can be installed over an uneven substrate. And, because the tiles are not bonded in place, the system allows for quick and easy access to waterproofing, drainage systems or utilities beneath the finished patio. CONTACT: Schluter Systems, 800-472-4588


CULTURED STONE, Roswell, Ga., introduces Arctic Hewn Stone to its existing palette of manufactured stone veneer products that includes Foundation, Span and Talus. Arctic Hewn Stone features a crisp white color subtly highlighted by its rustic texture and clean lines, to create a look that brightens traditional and contemporary spaces. Arctic Hewn offers an authentic European aesthetic with a modern twist that’s ideal for an accent or as the focal point of a room, and comes in five unique sizes. All Cultured Stone products are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. CONTACT: Cultured Stone, 800-255-1727;