PRODIM USA, Fort Pierce, Fla., offers the latest additions and major improvements on Prodim’s digital-templating solutions for 2020 to eliminate all uncertainty before installation. • Proliner 7X CS and Proliner 8X CS models now feature improved hard- and software, including motion detection that sounds an alarm when it’s accidently moved, preventing incorrect measurements. • Prodim smartphone apps include Proliner File Transfer to send files to an Android device via Bluetooth directly to the office saving valuable time; Proliner Update to update the Proliner software anywhere, anytime; and Proliner Remote control, using a smartphone as the Proliner remote. • Proliner Generation 4X software introduces new editing features for easier alignment of cut-outs and the ‘closed shape check’ for creating closed

production pieces, as well as dedicated DXF-output formats for CNC machinery.

Prodim Factory Software's new features include:

» Improved CAD Drawing tool with the addition of helpful pop-up instructions, insightful design views in 2D/3D and the ‘closed shape check’; » Construct multiple planes, create solids, check and correct collisions in 2D/3D; » New methods to build a digital slab inventory for engineered- and natural-stone slabs; » Use digital slabs for matching and designing in 2D/3D; » Export drawings, reports and production files with dedicated DXF-output formats for CNC machinery. Contact Prodim for a free webdemo to see its new features in action. CONTACT: Prodim USA, 888-229-3328