INNOCHEM LLC, Doraville, Ga., introduces AKEMI® Hyperclear indoor/outdoor adhesive. Designed to work on all surfaces, including stone, porcelain, ceramic, quartzite, and quartz, this colorless, clear, knife-grade formula features zero bleeding and fast cure times with 5-8-minute working time. This non-yellowing product is easy to mix with a 1:1 ratio and is non-hazardous and VOC free. It’s packaged in 1-quart total units, with half a quart of A and two half-pints of B. CONTACT: InnoChem LLC, 770-409-8789;


MAPEI, Deerfield Beach, Fla., introduces Ultrabond ECO GPT. a hybrid-polymer-based, non-sag adhesive designed for the installation of gauged porcelain tile and gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs on interior vertical surfaces and countertops. Ultrabond ECO GPT has the superior performance and flexibility for installing gauged and large-format porcelain tiles, as well as large-format ceramic tiles, in interior residential and commercial applications. Approved for use in dry and wet areas, Ultrabond ECO GPT works equally well on walls and on countertops. It is also easy to trowel, reducing installer fatigue “Ultrabond ECO GPT provides a smooth consistency and high transfer, delivering instant grab and holding power, while allowing installers to make any necessary adjustments of panels or large-format tiles after placement,” said Brian Pistulka, MAPEI Business Manager for Tile & Stone Installation Systems. “It is easy to clean too. When wet, simply wipe it off of the tile with a dry rag. When cured, it can be peeled off.” CONTACT: MAPEI, 800-361-9309


LATICRETE®, Bethany, Conn., introduces LATICRETE® Select-Bond™, a versatile tile and stone adhesive system that includes optional kits for specialized enhancements. Designed to work with both thin-bed and large, heavy tile applications, the polymer-modified adhesive system offers convenience for distributors and contractors who no longer need multiple adhesives for a project. When used alone, LATICRETE Select-Bond provides one-step installation for ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble and stone on floors and walls and is approved for use over exterior glue plywood for interior installations. When utilized with a Non-Sag, Rapid Curing or High-Performance adhesive system, users can enhance performance by mixing Select-Bond with a premeasured, water soluble packet kit. CONTACT: LATICRETE®, 800-243-4788


FILA CHEMICALS USA CORP., Miami, introduces, in response to Covid-19, introduces CLEANALL and STONECLEAN, two neutral, professional, highly concentrated cleaners designed to remove grime and prepare surfaces for subsequent disinfection. CLEANALL is created for tile, LVT, wood and laminates, while STONECLEAN is safe for all natural-stone surfaces. Both formulas are biodegradable. and when diluted 1:200. do not leave a residue that could actually creates a nesting ground for germs and bacteria. CLEANALL and STONECLEAN can be diluted to suit particular needs needs, 1:30 to remove stubborn dirt and 1:200 for everyday maintenance in the tank of floor cleaning machines. Nicola Brunello, technical assistance and training manager at FILA, notes that “It’s useless to disinfect before cleaning surfaces because through the cleaning process we actually eliminate the habitat where germs and bacteria grow.” “Cleaners can remove up to 70% of germs and bacteria due to the chemical synergistic action of the cleaner and the physical tool used for cleaning,” says Maria Soranzo, FILA’s head of research and development. Both products are from FILA INDUSTRIA CHIMICA SPA of San Martino Di Lupari, Italy. CONTACT: FILA Chemicals USA Corp., 305-513-0708


MAPEI, Deerfield Beach, Fla., introduces Karaflex Super mortar, designed especially for use with large and heavy tiles. The polymer-modified mortar features high transfer of material onto the backs of tiles while retaining impressive non-sag/nonslump properties, according to Brian Pistulka, MAPEI’s business manager for tile- and stone-installation systems. Easy to mix, Keraflex Super blends quickly to an extra-smooth mortar that’s easy to trowel. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, it is water-resistant and freeze/thaw resistant. It can be applied over plywood, uncoupling, crack-isolation, sound-reduction and waterproofing membranes. CONTACT: MAPEI, 800-361-9309


LATICRETE®, Bethany, Conn., announces it has launched the HYDRO BAN® Shower Pan and the HYDRO BAN Shower Pan kit. The HYDRO BAN Shower Pan comes in multiple interlocking pieces for easy transportability and sizing, while the HYDRO BAN Shower Pan kit provides everything needed for a shower installation in one package. Utilized together, the two new products are designed to make customers’ lives easier. The HYDRO BAN Shower Pan includes a pan and HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane to cover it. The product provides the option to waterproof the shower walls using the membrane, HYDRO BAN liquid over cement board or HYDRO BAN Board, which are sold separately. The HYDRO BAN Shower Kit takes the guesswork out of finding compatible products to complete a job. Working in conjunction with LATICRETE tile and stone installation materials, including a variety of adhesives, grouts and caulks, it is backed by the LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty. Both are designed to be installed with HYDRO BAN Bonding Flange Drains and are suitable for use with pre-sloped showers for industrial, commercial or residential use, as well as stalled communal showers and pet showers. CONTACT: LATICRETE, 800-243-4788.