PARK INDUSTRIES®, St. Cloud, Minn., announces the release of several new machines, including a new series of its popular CNC router line, the TITAN®. The new TITAN® 3000 Series offers two new models, the TITAN 3700 and the TITAN 3800. TITAN was introduced to the stone industry in 2007 and has been known for its Quantum Ball Drive spindle, Integrated Tool Management ™ (ITM) system and Helical Rack & Pinion system. Park currently has more than 700 machines in production throughout the hard-surfaces industry. The new 3000 Series will feature faster processing, maintenance automation, more protection for key components and operator-friendly upgrades.


Park also introduces its new SIDE-SHOT™ Digital Slab Station. The SIDE-SHOT is designed to provide fabricators a tool to capture slab images right at the machine with an extremely small footprint requirement. By incorporating Slabsmith™ Lite software for vein matching and 3D rendering, the SIDE-SHOT allows users to capture high-dimensional accuracy of digital slabs; gives a vein-matched project preview before cutting; utilizes common line cutting to optimize material yield; communicates with multiple cameras for twin-table machines, and; allows an upgrade to a full Slabsmith Basic Bundle at any time. Tony Herbst, Park Industries director of sales, says the system can be added to existing digital saws and will increase the customer experience by vein matching projects while increasing slab utilization.


Park also introduces the SlabBACK™ Material Support System. Designed to support large material pieces and keep things running smoothly and safely, the SlabBACK attaches to a FASTBACK® or FASTBACK II® Flat Edge Polisher and the floor. The SlabBACK can handle piece up to 96”. A 10' ceiling is required. CONTACT: Park Industries, 800-328-2309