Alpha Professional Tools®

Air Polishers


ALPHA PROFESSIONAL TOOLS®, Oakland, N.J., introduces the Alpha® AIR-830 and Air-850 pneumatic polishers with different maximum RPM to cover all fabrication needs. The AIR-830 has a maximum no-load RPM of 4,400 and the AIR-850 has 5,500. Both polishers feature a new motor with a 5 Hybrid composite vane design that outputs more power and last longer than their predecessors. The polishers come with new splash guard which blocks the splash while providing better visibility. The end case was also re-designed to improve the water and air control operation and minimize the risk of breakage. In addition, we added a silicon boot for the gear head, and water quick coupler with shut off valve, for your comfort and convenience. The Alpha® polishers always come with an enhanced spindle shaft and full-size wrenches for easy tool removal. The all-weather air and water hoses are 15ft. and rated for -40°F or +140°F. CONTACT: Alpha Professional Tools, 201-337-3343

Rotating Cup Arm™

Omni Cubed Inc.


OMNI CUBED INC., Shingle Springs, Calif., unveils the newest addition to its line of material reinforcement products: The Rotating Cup Arm™ (RCA).

The Rotating Cup Arm is an accessory to the company’s Sink Hole Saver™ Auto and Manual, and all Slim Slab Saver™ models. It provides an additional 70 lbs. of lifting capacity and structural reinforcement to bat wings, tub decks, L-shapes or fragile material.

Along with the 70 lbs. of lifting capacity, the RCA is small enough to fit where a standard Sink Hole Saver can’t, while providing the freedom to find the angle that works best for a particular piece.

CONTACT: Omni Cubed Inc., 877-311-1976

iQ Virtual Visitor

iQ Power Tools


IQ POWER TOOLS, Moreno Valley, Calif., announces the development of a new digital platform, the iQ Virtual Visitor. Because of the demand for digital content, the iQ Virtual Visitor offers the opportunity to create interactive demos and engage in conversations with people anywhere in the world – virtually. A cord-free webcast studio, the Virtual Visitor takes visitors on warehouse tours, host live social media group events with live product demos, conduct step-by-step maintenance procedures for specific products and allows visitors ease of navigation across an entire warehouse. Paul Guth, iQ’s president says the company wanted to provide the industry a new virtual way to stay commected and build community. The live webinars and other sessions are then recorded and will be available for viewing at any time via the iQ website. CONTACT: iQ Power Tools, 888-274-7744

Alpha Professional Tools® G7 (above); W9 (below)


ALPHA PROFESSIONAL TOOLS®, Oakland, N.J., introduces two new additions to is dust-collection line: the Ecoguard G7 and the Ecoguard W9. Both are designed for larger grinders, such as 7” and 9” models. The Alpha® Ecoguard G7 fits most 7” angle grinders and is built for heavy-duty applications. Features include a flexible head to allow for a natural grinding motion, and a positioning collar to make installation simple and quick. A clear cover provides superior visibility. The Ecoguard W9 extends the W Series to sizes up to 9”. Features include a multi-adapter system for easy installation, a front brush to contain dust when plunge-cutting, and support bars and wheels to reduce surface friction. The maximum cutting depth is 2 3/8” for use with most materials. It must be used with a vacuum or other dust-collection system. For convenient attachment to a vacuum, Alpha also offers a 54” flexible hose separately or as part of an Ecoguard kit. CONTACT: Alpha Professional Tools®, 201-337-2216


IQ POWER TOOLS, Moreno Valley, Calif., introduces the iQ426 HEPA Dust Extraction Vacuum. Engineered to meet OSHA’s silica dust requirements for working in construction applications, the iQ426 offers four stages of filtration. The first stage captures larger particle sizes, while the second stage captures medium- to small-sized particles. The third stage filtration system captures the tiniest particles, while the fourth stage is HEPA. The first two stages utilize cyclonic filtration, keeping the particles from reaching the final two stages. Less than 1% of the dust reaches the filter, meaning the vacuum maintains optimum performance. The iQ426 also utilizes iQ’s Power Management System, offering the ability to control amp draw automatically by balancing the power between the power tool receptacle and the vacuum, minimizing tripped circuit breakers. The iQ426 features a 10-gallon or 50-lbs dust-containment tub with an optional dust-containment bag system, making dust disposal easy, efficient and safe. A heavy-duty cart maximizes jobsite portability.

CONTACT: iQ Power Tools, 888-274-7744


TYROLIT VINCENT S.R.L., Thiene, Italy, introduces the HS3 line, manufactured utilizing a new method to produce CNC profile wheels to boost performance. HS3 tools have a perfect hardness distribution across the entire working surface to reduce profile deformation. A new bond and production process offer the possibility of running at more than 350" (or 9m) per minute. And the new production process also allows longer intervals between tool re-profile or exchange. The HS3 line is available in more than 25 different profiles in a wide range of diameters. CONTACT: Tyrolit North America Inc., 800-239-2902


NORTHWOOD MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO., Louisville, Ky., offers a Critical Parts Response kit to help its clients keep their CNC machines running in uncertain times. Designed specifically by Northwood to keep their machines up and running when deliveries of supplies and necessities may be limited, each kit includes parts such as belts, sensors, fuses, tool grippers, batteries, rotary union and more. CONTACT: Northwood Machine Manufacturing Company, 502-267-5504