LOTTE Radianz® Alluring

LOTTE Radianz® Splendor

LOTTE Radianz® Pristine


LOTTE CHEMICAL CALIFORNIA, La Palma, Calif., introduces 11 new colors and patterns to its Radianz® Cirrus Collection 2020.

The new colors are: • Alluring, a warm white accentuated with varied brown veining to mimic natural stone; • Andes, a subtle pattern combining a dominant rich white surface with delicate gray veining; • Annapuruna, an inviting white that features veining that modulates from bold gray to a delicate light gray; • Calacatta Classic, a white-to-light-gray color permeated with solid thick and thin bands of gray veins; • Calacatta Dolce, a white to light-gray base interspersed with gray bands ranging from pencil-thin to aggregate-filled thick band • Calacatta Ice, a surface featuring the signature Calacatta white-to-light-gray color with thin gray veins that mimic actual stone; • Calacatta Veneto, an off-white with delicate veining; • Pristine, an off-white color highlighted by white veining to create exceptional contrast; • Marquina Lavagna, a luxuriant black with thin veins of striking white; • Splendor, a rich, wave-like black-to-brown coloration complemented by light-gold specks, and; • Statuario Massa, a tempered white with elongated, branch-like gray veining. “Our new Radianz products are designed to address specific color and pattern needs expressed by LOTTE’s worldwide customer base,” says John Kim, LOTTE Chemical director. All colors are currently available throughout the U.S., except Calacatta Veneto and Marquina Lavagna, which will be delivered later in July. All have earned GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD and LEED certifications. CONTACT: LOTTE, 800-795-7177

Antolini Luigi Dedalus

Antolini Luigi Hurricane


ANTOLINI LUIGI & C. S.P.A., Verona, Italy, unveils its two newest marbles: Dedalus and Hurricane. Dedalus conveys a great sense of depth and close connection with nature through the creamy-white shades and unpredictable lines of dark veins. The ever-changing shapes and patterns of this marble give elegance in movement and provides brightness to any setting in which it is applied, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. Hurricane is described using words such as chaotic and complex, and presenting a stormy presence. Its sapphire, dark gray and white colors in a whirling design show the marble is perpetual and boundless. CONTACT: Antolini Luigi & C S.p.A., +39 (0) 45 6836611

Cosentino Silestone ® Polaris

Cosentino Silestone ® Laugar


COSENTINO NORTH AMERICA, Coral Gables, Fla., presents two innovative hues, Polaris and Laugar, in its new Artika Silestone® collection. Both present a characteristic look at the surface that gives the sensation of a 3-D effect, creating depth towards the bottom of the material and with a high translucency. Polaris is a chaotic and charged version with a lot of movement and high content of veins in the background.

Laugar is a softer and calm version, with only a hint of vein movement in the background.

CONTACT: Cosentino North America, 786-686-5060;


IRIS CERAMICA US INC., Anaheim, Calif., unveils its new Maxfine Gemstone Collection, panels with a variegated texture that alternates crystallized patterns with more homogeneous areas. The three colors: Gem Pearl, Gem Rose and Gem Violet, range in color from opalescent milky whites, to pinks fading to peach, to violets with shimmering wisteria and plum tones. Available in a 6mm thickness and ranging in sizes 15” X 30” to 60” X 120”, all come in a polished finish that enhances the elegant chromatic interplay and three dimensionality of its texture. CONTACT: Iris Ceramica US Inc., 800-323-9906


EMILAMERICA INC., Dulles, Va., introduces a new size and color for its Ergon Collection. Initially available in Slate Grey, Slate Black, State Multicolor and Granite Stone, the Cornerstone Collection offers a new Slate White variant. Additionally, the company introduces a larger size for its Slate Grey, Slate Black and Slate White. The new size is 48” X 110” nominal, in a 6.5cm thickness. The larger size is seen as being ideal for contemporary projects. The Slate White version is also available in all the company’s standard sizes: 24” X 47” nominal; 24” X 24” nominal; 36” X 36” nominal; 12” X 48” nominal; 12” X 24” nominal and 18” X 36” nominal, all in a 10 cm thickness. CONTACT: EmilAmerica Inc., 703-481-1150


CERAMICHE CAESAR SPA, Spezzano Di Fiorano, Italy, introduces porcelain stoneware in six different hues and five tile sizes to create the Anima Ever Series. Designed to create a collection which combines stylish sophistication with exceptional versatility of use, the series is appropriate for flooring, tiling and even innovative furniture, and comes in three finishes: lucidato, natural and rectifie. Colors include: Invisible Light, Luxury Arabesque, Apuan Gold, Super White, Sage Green and Royal Onyx. Sizes include 120cm X 120cm in both 6cm and 9cm thicknesses. Tiles measuring 80cm X 80cm, 60cm X 120cm, and 80cm X 160cm are available in 9cm only. CONTACT: Ceramiche Caesar SpA, +39 0536 817111


GEOLUXE®, Nong Pla Mo, Thailand, launches its newest surface, CALACATA GLUXE™. This high-performance stone mimics the spirit of marble through patented Geomimicy™ technology giving depth of color and a cross-vein texture. Because of natural veins running top-to-bottom through each slab, CALACATTA GLUXE allows for creative applications and edge designs. It is also formulated for both indoor and outdoor use while maintaining its whiteness and finish in outdoor settings. Made from 100% mineral-based material, the stone is defined by bold, free-flowing grey veins set against a pure white backdrop. Its neutral palette allows easy pairings with other materials. CONTACT: Geoluxe, +66 36 382 500