Daltile ONE Washington

Daltile ONE Freedom

Daltile ONE Arches


DALTILE®, Dallas, introduces two new series to its ONE Quartz Surfaces® American Reserve™ collections. The Historic Series and the National Marble Series are both made in the USA. Both are produced in extra-large 136” X 79” slabs to allow large kitchen islands, as well as countertops and walls, to be as free of seams as possible. The Historic Series features four marble designs, each inspired by a famous American landmark. Niagara has subtle veining reminiscent of foaming water at the bottom of a cascading waterfall, while Arches is inspired by the St. Louis Arch, with more distinct veining. Rocky Mountain evokes the majestic mountain range, while Golden Gate provides subtle veining and West Coast design. The National Marble Series offers four distinct white marble looks. The series is made up of Freedom Calacatta, Liberty Calacatta, Rushmore and Washington. All are available in 2- and 3-cm thicknesses and are waterproof and resist stains, scratches and heat. CONTACT: Daltile, 800-449-3591

LOTTE Locelain™ Calacatta Luxe

LOTTE Locelain™ Baltistan Charcoal

LOTTE Locelain™ Calacatta Snow


LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS COMPANY USA, La Palma, Calif., launches an entirely new category of product: the Locelain® sintered-stone collection.

The new Locelain ultra-compact surfaces feature high-quality natural stone looks and superb durability. Available in multiple sizes – including large-format sheets to minimize the number of joints – the new line will initially feature nine colors.

Locelain offers resistance to UV rays, extreme temperatures, scratches and damage from heavy weight loads. The product is also stain-proof, non-porous and waterproof to eliminated sealing, hygienic and easy to clean.

CONTACT: LOTTE Advanced Materials Company USA, 714-443-0999

LG Hausys Masterpiece: Arion

LG Hausys Musica: Rondo

LG Hausys Musica: Ribera


LG HAUSYS AMERICA INC., Atlanta, introduces 10 new colors and a brushed-finish option for select colors. With the new colors in Viatera’s Masterpiece Collection, Lumina and Arion bring depth and cooling with gray and white veining. Ribera’s tranquil blue-gray design emulates a calm sea while Sabbia provides an updated take on beige. Alongside these polished-finish designs, Carbo’s Brushed Finish black with light-gray veining is high-design without being high-maintenance. Viatera’s Musica Collection now includes Coda with warm mid-toned gray, while Encore balances warm charcoal and white. Etude and Forte offer bright, clean designs with gray and gold veining . Rondo’s creamy beige background with charcoal and white veining creates a refreshed and tranquil feel. Except for Etude and Forte, all new offerings are available in a new Brushed Finish. “These new colors were developed knowing that calming hues and designs, rooted in nature, can provide refuge from our hectic, fast-paced and technology driven world,” said Andrea Flint, product design manager for LG Hausys. “Along with our Brushed Finish option, which adds a sense of depth and can minimize finger print marks, the new colors offer even more dynamic visual options to further enhance a space.” The colors come in a Jumbo II size slab of 63” x 130”. Each format is available in 2cm and 3cm thickness. CONTACT: LG Hausys America Inc., 877-842-8372


NEOLITH®, Almazora, Spain, introduces Full Body Veining technology to its sintered stone material. Full Body Veining achieves veins throughout the entire slab, and not just the surface, replicating the veining found in genuine stone. The effect will be visible in the slab’s edges and will be implemented in the company’s ½” and ¾” slabs. Carlos Garcia, head of product design for Neolith calls the new product a significant step in the brand’s design evolution that will give the product a more-authentic stone appearance. Both the technology and new Neolith Full Body Veining collections launched early in 2020. CONTACT: Neolith, +34 964 652 233


VADARA QUARTZ, Sun Valley, Calif., is actively seeking distributors within the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon), Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Utah), and Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, DC Metro) regions.

“Our rapid expansion calls for qualified distribution partners to meet the growing demand for Vadara Quartz nationwide,” said Erik Butler, vice president of operations at US Surfaces. “These integrated alliances will serve as exclusive regional providers of the Vadara 21-color veined quartz collection.”

Vadara Quartz provides best-in-class marketing, sales and sampling support, stable lead times and a natural-veined quartz collection. Vadara promises easy on-boarding, quick start, and simple adoption program for those interested in selling quartz.

To inquire about Vadara Quartz or join the network of distributors, please contact Butler at 844-482-3272 or ebutler@ussurfaces.com.

CONTACT: Vadera Quartz, 844-482-3272


CAESARSTONE NORTH AMERICA, Charlotte, N.C., presents three new dark shade surfaces for 2020: Black Tempal, Oxidian and Empira Black. • Black Tempal (pictured) features a rich black base set off by fine natural white veins, bringing depth to the surface while creating an interplay of color and movement. • Oxidian offers an innovative dark grey metal base with depth, thanks to its textured matte finish and marked with an oxidized russet effect distributed unevenly like real rust. • Empira Black is also a rich black base beautified by natural white veins and is the inverse of the company’s Empira White. All are being offered in Caesarstone’s new Natural Finish, a slightly textured finish that adds warmth to the grain and creates a satin sheen that gently reflects light, enhancing the depth of color. CONTACT: Caesarstone, 877-9QUARTZ (877-978-2789)


COSENTINO NORTH AMERICA, Coral Gables, Fla., debuts three new colors to its Dekton Avantgarde Collection. • Dekton Laurent is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent and features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold; • Dekton Helena features a translucent appearance of white and grey hues inspired by onyx natural stone, and; • Dekton Khalo (pictured) resembling Patagonia Natural Stone, a granite with subtle spots of black, pale gold and coffee brown. All are finished with Dekton XGloss technology, which achieves a spectacular shine and depth. CONTACT: Cosentino North America, 786-686-5060