Wilsonart Galera

Wilsonart Logan Pass

Wilsonart Svalbard


WILSONART AMERICAS, Temple, Texas, unveils its 2020 Quartz Collection, which celebrates nature-inspired colors and contours while offering a sense of escape. New colors include: • Bodega, whose fine-scale particulate and warm mid-tone grey create a contemporary urban feel; • Capogrossi, a warm white background with intersecting veins of charcoals and browns; • Clouds Rest, inspired by low-altitude nimbus clouds, it features a white and grey background with darker grey veining; • Desert View, a two-toned warm grey background inspired by the Grand Canyon desert; • Galera, a classic black-and-white large-scale terrazzo composition; • Hamoa, a warm grey background with swirling white veins inspired by Hamoa Beach in Maui; • Hanola Grey, a two-toned dark grey with undertones of brown and whishy white veins; • Karekare, a journey to a black, sandy beach experienced through an extra-large terrazzo design; • Logan Pass, a two-toned grey quartz design with long cool-white veins evokes a feeling of unending beauty; • Madeira Beach, a warm white background with contrasting grey veins recalls a Florida beach; • Oberlin, with large-scale black and brown-black particulates evoking Montana’s Mount Oberlin; • River Glen recalls imagery of a narrow valley traversed by delicate water features; • Svalbard, a bright white quartz with cool charcoal grey veins inspired by the Northern Lights; • Tivoli Grey, the light warm grey and subtle brown-grey veins put in mind an historic town in Italy; • Traiano, a warm white background with warm charcoal veins; • Trail Ridge, a two-toned grey background with light, short veins throughout CONTACT: Wilsonart Americas, 800-433-3222

Hanstone Calacatta Gold

Hanstone Embrace

Hanstone Awaken


HYUNDAI L&C USA, Atlanta, offers four new colors for spring 2020. • Awaken combines warm earthy tones and soft, wispy veining, delivering an elegant infusion of distinctive design and soothing energy to any interior space. • Embrace evokes strength and balance, with a cool gray tone elevated with soft white marbling for a bold, timeless look. • Calacatta Gold uses sweeping veins stand standing against a solid white background for a balanced and bold look. • Drift offers a soft white hue that’s balanced and versatile, forming the perfect base tone for any color design. All the new Hyundai L&C colors are offered in jumbo 65" X 130" slabs. CONTACT: Hyundai L&C USA, 888-426-9421


COSENTINO NORTH AMERICA, Coral Gables, Fla., reveals three new colors as the basis for its Dekton Portfolio Collection, inspired by various natural rocks. The colors are: • Dekton Bromo, a dark blue shade inspired by metamorphic rocks such as slate with a carefully created texture and natural aesthetic that’s perfect for any environment; • Dekton Rem (pictured), featuring the look of the most-elegant white marbles, with a minimalist design of brown and grey veins with gold touches; • Dekton Milar, consisting of grey and brown hues featuring a faded and oxidized look. CONTACT: Cosentino North America, 786-686-5060


AALTO INC., Fairfield, Iowa, offers a new program of large-scale samples to stone and tile showrooms both in the United States and internationally. Aalto Marble Inlay believes it’s important to be able to show customers the physical product, especially with inlay. The Aalto sample program includes two offerings: the Collection Samples Program and the Medallion Samples Program. The Collection Samples Program features large samples of each design collection, while the Medallion Samples Program can be used as a starting point to sell custom medallions or sold from the showroom floor. Both sets of samples can be mounted on the wall or on floor stands. Aalto Marble Inlay design collections range from more contemporary band borders and geometric patterns to fully detailed marble “rug” designs and are suitable for every area from the bathroom to a formal dining room. CONTACT: Aalto Inc., 319-237-7230


ANTOLINI LUIGI & C. S.P.A., Verona, Italy, introduces the newest addition to its Exclusive Collection: Quartzite Colonnata. Quartzite Colonnata is a quartzite that combines a solid appearance with minimal accents to create an elegant and essential design. The indigo-colored veins evoke new volumetric perceptions. Perfect for reinventing contemporary spaces, this material reveals a mysterious surface where a warm, smooth layer is tinted with creams, taupes and navy nuances. Available in slabs, Quartzite Colonnata comes in a variety of finishes. CONTACT: Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.a., +39 (0)45 6836611


COSENTINO NORTH AMERICA, Coral Gables, Fla., adds three new colors to its Silestone Eternal Series, which it debuted in 2017 and now includes 15 different colors all based on natural stone. The newest colors are: • Silestone Eternal Silken Pearl (pictured), a delicate cream-toned color with a two-toned base and a subtle white vein; • Silestone Eternal D’Or, which features soft golden veins across a bright white background; • Silestone Eternal Bella, which combines the elegance and warmth of natural stone featuring grey veins and white hues. CONTACT: Cosentino North America, 786-686-5060