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What Did OSHA Find This Time?

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Adminsistration (OSHA) recently released its top-violations list for fiscal year 2020, which ended last Sept 30. The lineup doesn’t change much from year to year except in numbers of citations and total dollars in penalties. The OSHA report details businesses classified under NAICS Code 327991: Cut Stone and Stone Product Manufacturing. These violations are typical for fabricators classified as general industry; they do not include the construction or maritime industries.

Infographic by Stone Update. Data from OSHA, U.S. Dept of Labor.

Citations represents the number of times the specified standard was cited. The number in the total line is the sum of the #Cited for each standard. Inspections represents the number of inspections in which the specified standard was cited. For the total line, it represents the number of inspections in which one or more citations were issued. Note that the total is not the sum of the number of inspections associated with each standard cited: multiple standards may be cited in one inspection.

Safety and health officials recommend that you meet with your employees on a regular basis to discuss steps in keeping compliant with regulations as well as any safety issues employees want to address.

Take time now to review your safety policies and procedures before OSHA asks to see them!

Reminder: Safety is the responsibility of both management and employees!


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