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White Carrara Stain


Already installed island with a stain from a crouton. Sat on the counter for 24 hours. The stain was removed but left a shiny patch (caused by using sandpaper) vs the honed top. Any suggestions on how to blend it back in easily?

CustomMarbleGranite SFA Member

Go to MB stone pro Sponsor at bottom of the (SFA Web) page. Cameron can hook you up? It's pretty simple he has the 220-grit pad and the soft-cut honing powder.


First off, thanks. Is there a specific honing powder that works best, and what does that process consist of? I personally have never used powder, just pads and sandpaper with vinegar if needed.

CustomMarbleGranite SFA Member

On our saw, if you put in the size of the bit in the tools menu it sets the calibration to the blade. We do run the bit a little big. If it mics out to 12mm we enter it in at 12.8mm or so. You might have to play with that a little. Our saw is metric, so the incremental bit is at 1mm cut at 1250mm/minute travel, and the 12mm bit is a 2mm cut at 450mm travel. Just divide these number by 25.4 to get the inches. You’re currently running your incremental bit at a 2.44mm cut depth, which it double what we run ours at. Could be what is causing some of your blowout problems. I think the brand we are currently running is a 1/2" Diamont non coring bit.

GuyboR Administrator

Like Lester said, talk to Cameron, he's a Jedi Master at marble polishing. We use his honing powder and it's amazing. Guy Robertson Robertson Manufacturing Inc. Davenport, Iowa

gssfabrication SFA Member

You might call the shop that fabricated it and ask if they have a similar material scrap you can practice on. Get good feel for it then try your hand at the island. Who knows, if you are pleased with the results you can turn it into a side hustle! Rick Graff GSS Fabrication Inc. 1944 Saint St. Richland, Wash. estimating@gssfabrication.com 509-375-1960

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