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Mixing Glue

Austin Prevost

Hey guys, about a year-and-a-half in now and am leading installs and stuff. Any advice on mixing glue colors? I think I'm getting the hang of it but the lighter colors kill me!

Jake M Brunette

Don't make is so dense in the color if that makes sense. You want the shade but not so deep in tone that it looks like toothpaste. That’s the best way I can explain it

Thomas Peters

Yes you kinda want it opaque.

Cody Isbell

With the first picture, the glue is a solid color when it should be more of a white translucent color (not too trans though). Add your white until it’s a minty transparent white, then small touches of grey until you’ve got it. Sooner or later it’ll come natural, in a single swipe. With the grey seam maybe a touch of black/brown would’ve helped a lot. 4th picture is same issue with the first, make it more of a translucent beige color for this though. White first, tan it with buff. If the stone calls for it a touch of brown/grey. Quarts seams should ALWAYS be a solid color. Whatever your base color is use a good amount to start with and mix in the rest to match. Granite/Marble should be more translucent matched with the color. Superior color kit. 6 years of installing, still learning myself bruv. Hope this helped.

Cliff Lane

I know this sounds crazy but adding just a very slight amount of blue tint when mixing colors for marble (like the one in the first picture) is the secret to getting that perfect marble grey.

Dylan Whitaker

Yup, depending how good your eyes are will let you see if the stone is warm or cool, a touch of blue in cool colors, and a touch of buff in warmer stones. Especially in quartz!

Spiros Petrovits

Less pigment is more.

Justin Lodmell

Depends on material.

Chris Haveman

Superior gold has a good clear epoxy on transparent stones; just a tad bit of color for it to still maintain that transparency. It is always easier to add more color if needed.

Robert Berg

I use Chrome epoxy. Can make great colors with it and it's UV resistant. For colors that bleed I use Mastadek on the bottom half and top it with a colored CA glue

Lee Martin

Start with Platinum glue. It's a clear knife-grade. Start adding color (light gray in this case) with less glue than ya need. Get the shade right then add in a bit of glue at a time. Hell all we do is white quartz & granites anymore.

Kevin Smith

I have many different options for different adhesives, including cartridge glues here at BB Industries. Give me a shout at 865-293-0202 and we can go over what you're using and we we have that can help you!

Nick Haven

Swirls are the best.

Toph Williams

Grays are the hardest. Don’t be afraid to add buff and blues/greens/browns. They help had natural tones. Eventually you’ll figure out what stones need solid colors and what ones need more of a translucent/see-through color.

Eric Chmielewski

Need to use a clear epoxy and tint from there but need to keep your color transparent. Still, a little dye goes a long way.

Arty Georges

Use Akemi Colourbond. Best product hands down. It's epoxy, doesn't smell, you can use a color-matching app on your phone and best of all 6-minute dry time. https://stein.akemi.de/en/service/colour-charts/

Christopher Smith

That’s a hard one for me to match the Carrera and the shadow storm.

Craig Murnion

Very little pigment ..if you need to try a different brand experiment some untill you find what your comfortable with ..there's one result and seven ways to get it ...make sense??

Austin Prevost

Makes complete sense! I've probably learned more since I made this post than in the last year of trial and error.. but I'm only on my first couple light color-match jobs 😅

Craig Murnion

100 percent.

Katherina Alexandria Chavez

Seams are never the same as your miter mix.

Curt Ryan

The grey color you flashed. Too much color added. I always go for semi-transparent on granite and for quartz I always use a cartridge style. Akemi is my go to as it sets up consistently.

Austin Prevost

What glue are you using for a base? The Pearl we use has a greenish tint to it that shines thru any lighter color.

Curt Ryan

I’ll send exact tomorrow. We have 2 in the truck at any given time. One is a yellow base. One is a white base.

Austin Prevost

That would be awesome.

Craig Murnion

On lighter stones (not quartz) try using a more-transparent color.

David Lonergan

Too much color.

Austin Prevost

Hi Wes – thank you. Did you ever verify unit? I assume inches per minute if the rate is 50.

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