Cleaning Up Mr. Jefferson

The lights of liberty in Washington turned high-tech to help save a famed monument from an invasion of biofilm.


Fabricator Focus

Expand and move the shop? During COVID-19? Unorthodox, maybe, but Jerry Lee keeps his eye on the big picture


CID Awards

Coverings honors some of the best work in stone and tile with its Installation and Design awards for 2021


Pinnacles Part 2

You've seen 2020's top projects in the March-April issue. Now it's time to spotlight the those who've made their mark on the industry..

Vol. 4, No. 6

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There's a word that holds plenty of currency in business strategies. For most, it's bankrupt..


News Highlights

SESA makes its choice for a U.S. show in 2022; ASI sells off its engineered-stone division; Turkey is spared a hard-surface tariff for a few months; and Stone Industry Education goes back on the road.


Hard-Surfaces Cinema

Our occasional video presentation kicks off with a double-feature this issue, with walking tours of recent trade shows.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

The Safe Shop

We can argue all day long about whether it's hotter than it used to be. If we don't take care, it's still going to kill us.


SFA: What's the Answer?

The Stone Fabricators Alliance tackles the fine points of mixing glue to match surfaces, among other topics.


Product Talk

Our regular guide to goods and services for the hard-surfaces industry.

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The Directory

Find the solution you need for your business.


The when and where of events and education for the industry.

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On the cover: Villa Florence in Los Angeles; a Coverings Installation and Design 2021 Awards winner for Carnevale & Lohr Inc. Photo courtesy Coverings