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Build-ups for M&L Counterwork

bpfannenbecker SFA Member

We are unhappy with our current materials for build-ups. Have used scrap stone, scrap engineered stone, plywood, and foam for build-ups. What are shops using with ease for thin porcelains and sintered stones? Brie Pfannenbecker Vice President of Operations Connecticut Stone Supplies Inc.

Corey Roos

Pretty sure the install specs on porcelain are to have full coverage for the skinny stuff. We use MDF or whatever the contractor supplies. My shop supervisor has said you're not supposed to pad with engineered stone because the expansion coefficient is greater than that of porcelain and can crack it. We've had the best results with engineered wood (i.e., plywood, MDF, etc), and I guess that's what most manufacturers recommend from what the supe says, but you can use any stone besides engineered stone. Corey Roos Northwood CNC Operator/Programmer Northwood Sawjet Operator/Programmer - Occasional Engineer Stone Dimensions - Pewaukee, WI

Ivey103 SFA Member

We've been using granite but are considering wedi board on our next job. The granite just makes it so heavy. Pete Lane Ivey Lane Inc.

Coronado SFA Member

If you want to do it properly use a foamboard with fiber-reinforcement, wedi or similar and lay your tops in modified thin-set with a min 3/8” X 1/2” trowel.

colin SFA Member

We use a foamboard, specifically GoBoard, full coverage. Colin colin@pctopswi.com

Mark Meriaux

I just visited a member shop where they are using a plastic/polypropylene honeycomb backer. They tried different foam products, but claim better support from the honeycomb material. I can get more info or put you in touch with them if you'd like. Mark Meriaux, Accreditation & Technical Manager Natural Stone Institute 440-250-9222 mark@naturalstoneinstitute.org

bpfannenbecker SFA Member

That would be great. We haven't been happy with the foam, so I'd be interested in an alternative.

gssfabrication SFA Member

Would love to hear more Mark! John Kilfoyle

Matt Lansing Administrator

We use wedi board.

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