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Acetone Stains on Quartz Surface

Bryan Meldrum

Quartz job we did. Guys went back to clean some spots for a picky customer, and now we have acetone stains in the shape of the can. Finish looks dull. Thoughts? Suggestions other than re-cut or ager?

Fernando Rodriguez

Nothing will work.

Bryan Meldrum

I have tried every magic mixture and even hogs hair with a granite polish. Nothing touches it.

Fernando Rodriguez

And nothing will trust me. I had the same issue with the same stone. We called people from Cambria, we end up replacing the piece.

Jose Neira

Same to us. Supplier replace material and you end with free fabrication and install and bad reputation ... offer her window shades.

Jason Lagerquist

I polish out about 1 a week. Finishing Touches Restoration LLC.

Manuel Narvaez

That happened to us. Had to replace the island.

Chris Berry

Face polish it. Easy money.

Manuel Narvaez

Never leave anything on top after using acetone.

Chris Berry

GranQuartz sells face polishing pads for quartz and the cream to go with it. (Quartz Renew). We can face-polish any quartz, we even get the orange-peel look to come back. Any one of my guys would have that fixed in 10 minutes.

Tyler Church

Bar Keepers Friend will take it right off.

Bryan Meldrum

No sir, it did nothing.

Aaron E Hinrichs

Mineral oil.

Casey Phillips

Use denatured alcohol on quartz, not acetone.

Kary Stark

Fairly easy fix with Quartz Renew.

Thomas Dowling

No acetone on quartz ... ever.

Marcin Kozak

Barkeeper or soft scrub.

Victor Arguello

No acetone!!

Mark DeFusco

If Bar Keepers Friend does not work and you do have to repolish it, try Monkey Pads for bringing back the finish, color and texture. And do not use acetone with ES - once it flashes, it scars the material.

Jadon Sumthing

I don’t use acetone for anything but cleaning tools and metal bond pads.

Jonathan Lopez

Quartz Renew.

Donald McNeil

Suggestion for the future... switch to denatured alcohol instead of acetone for quartz.

Mark DeFusco

Lacquer thinner can cause problems with ES too. Best to use denatured alcohol on it.

Louis James Noble III

Diamonds and Quartz Renew. Use Easy Oxy always instead of acetone.

Eric Campbell

Why hasnt anyone suggested Monkey Pads? I got a set from Mark DeFusco this week and coincidentally, I had a Quantum quartz top with what looked like watermarks that absolutely would not come out with denatured or MEK. I use Monkey Pads and voila, problem solved perfectly

Eric Wilber

Do not use acetone on quartz. Never set the can on the top, ever

Chad McLewin

I've sold plenty of Quartz Renew to fix stuff like this but am now selling the Monkey Pads like hotcakes.

Ryan Warrington

Quartz Renew. Look it up. It will get those stains out but it’s an entire kit.

Jake Ellis

This product has been a life saver for our shop also.

Andy Richards

I took a class at Regent Tools from the guy who invented Quartz Renew. It saved my ass. Cool dude too.

Gary Lowe

I have used the Rockstar quartz polishing kit. I ran out of the 4oz cutting solution supplied in the kit, so I went to my local auto-parts supply shop and purchased paint polishing compound I believe by Meguiar's. Heavy cut #4, fine cut #2. They work great when I have to surface-polish quartz.

Thomas Peters

For a product that’s supposed to be so superior you wouldn’t think this would even be a problem. Lol. Like I always say, they don’t make national monuments out of quartz.

Jason Lagerquist

It’s doable to surface-polish quartz, just takes a pile of patience.

Mark Hutchinson

Quartz Renew system for sure. All you will need are the 3 liquids and not even use the pads.

Ted McFadden

Quartz renew. 1,2,3.

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