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Miter-Edge Laminate

Frankie Martinez

I am looking for the best way to do miter-edge laminate. What do you use?

Dustin Kerr

By hand. Sucks, but it works.

BJ Whittaker

Miter edge laminate? It’s either a mitered edge, or it is laminated.

Frankie Martinez

We’ve been doing them by hand but I’m not liking how it looks.

William Suarez

Use thick blue tape and gravity. Don’t overthink it

Frankie J Rivera

Green tape is the best

Frankie J Rivera

That’s what we use, but Gorilla Tape. But our seams aren’t as tight as I’d like them to be.

PONS Countertops

Michael Harrison

Not sure about those. I’d much rather tape it on, seeing a miter closed vs trusting the clamp.

Patrick Boudreault

You can clearly see what’s going on when using the miter clamp. You really can adjust for it to be perfect.

Gustavo Castaneda

I like it. The miter clamps work great, close to 9 years doing miters with these clamps.

Troy Sauls

Get some miter clamps. Lowes or Home Depot have them.

Warren Julian

Miter edge laminate? It’s either a mitered edge, or it is laminated.

David Bruneau

Mitre Forma or Omni Cubed Miter-It works like a charm. Plus some red elastic tape, it pinches the seam amazingly.

Lester Swick

Red stucco tape here.

Daniel McLeish


Chris Smith

Red stucco tape, hands-down.

Sheldon Etter


Kenny Harper

Alpha G-Tape is the best for miters, especially on marble. It doesn’t mark the edge where the tape is, requiring a bigger round or face polish.

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