2018 Pinnacle Awards

Commercial Interior

Sacred Heart Cathedral Knoxville, Tenn.

For Sacred Heart Cathedral, the design architects relied heavily on the architectural stone detailing of the Old World to deliver a level of design, stone details, and ornamentation rarely found in the New World.

A field of diagonal and radiating patterns of marble paving greets visitors upon entering the narthex and repeats along the perimeter aisles and transepts, while two solid columns of fragile Giallo Siena Brocatello marble stand at each side of the entry. Within the nave and aisles are fourteen specially engineered solid columns of Bianco Carrara C Campanili marble, strategically set upon Grigio Carnico solid octagonal and veneer marble bases.

The paving in the raised sanctuary is a mosaic carpet of stone comprised of twelve types of marble and over 2,000 pavers and treads. In the center is the Altar of Sacrifice made of polished Statuario Michelangelo marble with waterjet cut face panels of Campan Payole Gris, Giallo Siena Brocatello and Rosso Francia Languedoc marbles that surround three stone and glass mosaics.

A raised Altar of Reservation is made from polished Statuario Michelangelo marble with Grigio Carnico treads and Fior di Pesco risers along with various other marbles used as accent stones within the wall panels and paving. Set upon the Altar of Reservation is the tabernacle surround of Rosso Francia Languedoc and Giallo Siena Brocatello solid columns supporting the Ciborium.

The baptismal font basin is solid Bianco Carrara C Campanili marble with an intricately carved side wall supported by a solid shaft of marble with inlaid panels of Rosso Francia Languedoc and Nero Portoro set upon a Grigio Carnico base.

The center panel of the raised cathedra (bishop's throne) is made of solid Fior di Pesco marble with inlaid diamond bookmatched panels. The Bishop’s coat of arms is another exquisitely detailed panel of mosaic patterns and inlaid stones.

From the Judges:

“What you don’t see in the photos is the difficult joint work. Beautiful craftsman and artisan work. The statement of permanence makes natural stone a perfect material selection for places of worship.”

Stones (partial list)

Giallo Siena Brocatello marble

Bianco Carrara C Campanili marble

Grigio Carnico marble

Statuario Michelangelo marble

Campan Payole Gris marble

Rosso Francia Languedoc marble

Fior di Pesco marble

Nero Portoro marble

Natural Stone Institute Honoree:

Stone Consultant/Fabricator/Installer

Rugo Stone, LLC

Lorton, Va.

Other Project Team Members


McCrery Architects, LLC

Stone Fabricators

Pedrini Mario & Co. SNC Scultori

Grebelsky and Sons

Commercial Interior

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Beverly Hills, Calif.

The legendary Waldorf Astoria Hotel made its debut in the city of Beverly Hills in the summer of 2017. SMG Stone was the stone installer and fabricator for the interior 170 rooms and 51 guest suites.

Inspired by the Art Deco and Streamline Modern styles of the 1930s and ‘40s, the design team returned to classic tones selecting three natural stones: Bianco Dolomiti marble, Amarillo Negras marble and Crema Marfil marble.

12" x 24" pieces of Bianco Dolomiti were installed on the bathroom walls and floor. Each of the bathroom walls feature a 1-1/2" band of Amarillo Negras in a polished finished that was bonded with epoxy to the Bianco Dolomiti. This fabrication detail created a 180° continuum that wrapped the bathroom in a warm yellow hue.

Every one of the wall bands was installed to line up with one another both horizontally and vertically with some walls containing up to seven bands that faded into the door surround. This included bands lining up directly with the soap niche and a horizontal line detail on the light fixtures.

The bathroom floors included a stone medallion consisting of all three marbles. The tub and skirt were composed of Crema Marfil while Bianco Dolomiti was used for the soap niches on the walls.

Desired patterns required joint tolerances of no more than 1/8" of an inch and thin set mortar bed depth of no more than 3/16" or else risk completely compromising the design.

From the Judges:

“An extraordinary effort to control the stock selection and achieve a uniformly pleasing texture in these eclectic personal spaces. This project is executed well and fits the brand.”

Stones Bianco Dolomiti marble Crema Marfil marble Amarillo Negras marble

Natural Stone Institute Honoree:

Stone Installer/Fabricator

SMG Stone Company Inc. Sun Valley, Calif.

Other Project Team Members




Pierre-Yves Rochon

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