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Pod Marks on Quartz


Has anyone had problems with pods leaving black rings on lighter colored quartz?

It’s happened twice now and its super-annoying to both our installers and customers. Magic Eraser pulls 90% of it off, but it’s still visible to us.

I should note that we clean our pods regularly, and leave the plastic wrap on the pieces as much as possible.


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Andrew H

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Get used to it ... ‘cause it's never going to change. Get your installers a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend to go with that Magic Eraser. It should take care of it.

Andrew Haldeman

Stone Crafters

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Dawn dish soap mixed with toothpaste.

Dave Scott

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Omni Cubed Larry

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Just an FYI, when you use acetone to clean the vacuum cups or pods, it will cause the rubber to break down over time. Even if you use acetone on the stone, then put the cups on there before it has completely evaporated, it can mess up the rubber. When you vacuum the rubber to the stone, they are coming in very close and tight contact with the stone. The rubber is actually being squeezed against the stone and the oils and black carbon in the rubber can leach out, especially if the rubber is slowly breaking down from acetone contamination.

You are smart to leave the plastic wrap on as much as possible. I would consider adding plastic wrap to light-colored material if it doesn't have it already. Be careful removing the wrap on some stuff as it can "pop" some material out of the surface. You can also use a poultice to pull out the stains.

Larry Livingston

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Todd Luster

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We use Soft Scrub with bleach; they come out easy.

We buy the small bottles at the dollar stores and buy several.

We get them for our pods and our vacuum lift.

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Todd Luster SFA

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I agree. Do not use acetone. Soap and water will be your best agent for cleaning the pods. The soap will condition the rubber, not dry it out.

But I had a customer that had the same problem and switched to the Helix pods and no issue.

Another reason the customer switched to Helix pods.

Alex R Bores

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Joe Durfee

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One more reason I like running face up on the new router!;)

Like Todd, we use Soft Scrub when we get them on the old router.

Joe Durfee

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Andrew H

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Face up! Joe, how does the machine put out a consistent edge on different pieces? Does it probe the surface so the bit is indicated from the top so the edge is uniform across different parts?

Joe Durfee

SFA Director

German engineering at its finest! Perfect everytime.

Omni Cubed Larry

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That's awesome Joe, but German engineering needs to figure out how to set the rapid plane and z plane lower so it doesn't take an hour to measure a vanity top.;)

Joe Durfee

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That was actually a test of me seeing how often to probe. It was set to probe every 50mm (2" in freedom units). I now have it set to probe every 200mm (8" in freedom unit) and it takes less than a minute per sink.

Matt Lansing

SFA Director

Also make sure to pull the parts from the CNC the second the cycle is done. If you leave the parts sit on the pods, it makes the pods bleed into the stone much worse.

Matt Lansing

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Plover, Wis.

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Omni Cubed Larry

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Joe Durfee wrote:

That was actually a test of me seeing how often to probe. It was set to probe every 50mm (2" in freedom units). I now have it set to probe every 200mm (8" in freedom unit) and it takes less than a minute per sink.

It took me a second: "Freedom Units." I love it! :lol:


How's it going, new here! Best solution for me is acetone and dust ... Granite/quartz dust ... Easy as pie and won't ruin the polish like Bar Keepers does if you rub vigorously in one spot.


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That's one of the reason why PRUSSIANI makes cnc routers that works face-up since 1995 ....

Take a look at this tutorial video if you have a minute:

Paolo Pezzoli

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mark s

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Matt Lansing wrote:

Also make sure to pull the parts from the cnc the second the cycle is done.

+1 on this. I can't think of a time it's happened since we made it a firm policy to remove the parts as soon as the CNC is done.

Question about the face up approach - how do you deal with stone that has matting on the back?

Mark S.

Custom Stone Interiors

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Joe Durfee

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My pods have foam seals that are about 1/2" thick that compress. Never had a problem with any type of back.


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We use Magic Eraser and Goof-off. Cleans it fast and no finish issues.

Mike Gladstone

GCI Surfaces

Clearwater, Fla



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I was going to comment face up but people have already beaten me to it :lol:

In regards to stone that has mesh backing it’s still not an issue. The vacuum still holds because of the foam seal around the top of the pods. Also our with our CNCs (all Prussianis) we have the clamps that also help to hold the stone down even more.

We get this problem though from our Elephant vacuum lifters on white stone. We use a product called Astonish or Pink Stuff and lightly rub it and it removes all marks.

Thomas Sullivan

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