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Fulfilling Dreams Together, One Customer at a Time

Above: Some of Bedrock Quartz's dedicated installer crews. Below: The management team at Bedrock Quartz. (Photos courtesy Bedrock Quartz)

By Peter Marcucci

Coming from modest beginnings in 1976, Topcraft, a laminated countertop company located in Sandy, Utah, was destined from its onset to be one of Utah’s premier stone fabrication companies. The company’s founder, David Jorgensen, had gained valuable experience from his father’s laminating business, and eventually created Bedrock Quartz, one of Utah’s foremost suppliers of fabricated quartz and natural stone. Bedrock Quartz is now a family business employing 165 team members in four locations. Bedrock Quartz has grown exponentially since 2002, with the help of David’s sons Alan (CEO), Eric (President of Operations) and Steve (Production General Manager). Through the values inspired by their father while growing up, the family has turned a garage-based lamination shop into a stone-fabrication powerhouse, recalled Alan Jorgensen. “There were eight kids in our family, and we were home-schooled. When we were old enough, Dad would take us to work with him to help thin out the herd for my Mom.

A dramatic White Pearl Quartzite waterfall table is the centerpiece of this spacious open plan room. (Photos courtesy Bedrock Quartz)

"We learned hand tools, construction sites and customer service. Dad taught us to ‘measure twice and cut once’, and ‘if you don’t think you have the time to do it right the first time, what makes you think you’ll have the time to do it right the second or third time?’ "He also taught us persistence, doggedness, how to figure things out, and how to innovate.”

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Want to Increase Retail Leads? Five Tips To Improve Your Countertop Website

: A fast, mobile-friendly website is a must.

By Stephen Albert

Having a website is like having a business card these days. If you’re a fabricator, you probably already have a website and that’s great. But do you know if you are getting the most you can out of your website? Even if you are only getting 10 visits to your site a week from homeowners, you can turn that traffic into leads. And then those leads into countertop projects. I’m going to give you 5 tips on how you can improve your website so you are getting the most out of it. Tip 1: Mobile-Friendly and FAST! I listed this one first because it’s extremely important. Homeowners are two things these days: they are impatient, and wherever they are, they are often on their phones. Your site must be mobile-friendly, or you are going to miss out on a massive opportunity in getting more retail countertop projects. People should be able to contact you with a click of a button for a quote, or a quick tap to call you. And once they land there, your site must be FAST! If a homeowner searches for “granite countertops” and they land on your site, it should load in about 3 seconds. If it takes 8 seconds to load, what do you think they will do? They will hit that back button and go to your competitor. Use this free tool to see how fast your page loads Or, simply go to that link and paste in your website URL.

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And look for the rest of Five Tips in the upcoming June 2022 issue of the Slippery Rock Gazette.

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The Long, Winding Road to Crowley’s Granite & Quartz

Above: Dan Izoita and part of the fabrication and office crew at Crowley’s Granite. About 24 employees make up the management, fabrication and installation teams. Below: This large quartzite dining-table island is the focal point of this totally renovated kitchen. Crowley’s Granite specializes in rapid fabrication-to-install work for high-end residential and builder clients

By Peter Marcucci

Imagine, if you will, growing up in a time and place much like the illustrations you’d see in a joyful, children’s storybook. A place where kids can simply be kids and parents can live without fearing for their children’s safety. Sound too good to be true, you say? Not so fast, I say! You see, the time was three decades ago, the place was Perzomaisk, Ukraine, and the folks were the Izoita family, recalled Dan Izoita. “I was born in Ukraine in 1985, and Perzomaisk was about two hours from Odesa. Me, my three brothers and sister grew up there. “We had nothing to worry about growing up. During the summers, we were just wild kids. We’d get up in the morning, eat a little breakfast, and go out barefoot. We’d eat off the trees, swim in the lake, go fishing, hang out with friends, and just come home when it was dark.” Life was good, but by 1998, destiny was knocking at the family’s door, and the decision was made to leave their beloved Ukraine for distant shores, continued Dan. “The biggest reasons why we moved to America, and it was my parent’s decision, is because they knew that in America there was freedom of religion and speech, and the opportunity to be successful in any business. We also had relatives there, and they gave us an invitation to stay at their house, so my parents said, ‘let’s do it!’ "And without even selling our house, we packed up what we could, and with each of us carrying two suitcases and the few hundred bucks in dad’s pocket, we left for America.”

Read more in the June 2022 issue of the Slippery Rock Gazette.

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Right There With You

By Rick Stimac, BB Industries President/CEO

BB Industries’ (BBI) quickly growing Tech Support program expands upon its CNC support to inclOur entire BBI Family from around the country gathered for a culture summit at our headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., to introduce new employees, celebrate current employees, and problem-solve current issues for customer partners, vendor partners and employees. The interactive program included a state-of-the-company address that included record-breaking sales, presentations from all our department heads, and solutions roundtables regarding supply chain, demand planning, marketing, products, e-commerce, and technology.

We shared the latest videos and sales tools that our marketing team has created for our rapidly growing sales force. BBI also welcomed new outside sales consultants in Utah, and California and inside sales consultants as well. Our promise to our vendor partners and customers is “We’re Right There With You.” During this meeting, we reiterated that this theme extends to employees as well. We are stronger together and we highly value our employees.

Our promise to our vendor partners and customers is “We’re Right There With You.” During this meeting, we reiterated that this theme extends to employees as well. We are stronger together and we highly value our employees. BB Industries was actually named as a Knoxville Top Workplace by the Knoxville News Sentinel, based on feedback offered through an employee survey. Only 50 companies made the 2021 list, and I am enormously proud that we were one of them. One of the reasons we are a great place to work is the dedication of our long-term employees.

For example, Inside Sales Consultant Ken Brock has been working with BBI for 20 years and was recognized for his service at our employee summit. We have lots of employees who have been with us for 10, 15 and 20 years, including Slippery Rock Editor Larry Hood, who celebrated 21 years in March. Since the employee summit, we have hired five more people and continue striving for the growth and financial goals we have set for 2022.

4100 Appalachian Way Knoxville, TN 37918

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 6:00PM (Eastern Time)