A review of U.S. and world conditions relating to the hard-surfaces industry.

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U.S. Hard-Surface Imports 2022 vs. 2021

(customs value)

January-March 2022: $1,235,847,208

January-March 2021: $1,119,681,278

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High $eas

Increase in average shipping-container index rate, 5/7/2021 to 5/7/2022, China/East Asia to North America West Coast. ($6,186 to $14,226). (Source: Freightos Ltd.)

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Year-to-year rise of U.S. Consumer Price Index without food or energy costs, April 2022. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Turkish lira vs. U.S. dollar

₺1.00 = $0.12 (5/1/2021) to ₺1.00 =: $0.067 (5/1/2022) Source: