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Induction Cooktops and Natural Stone


Anyone done anything with the Invisacook induction cooktop that is mounted under the stone? Our customer wants to put one under Volga Blue. The area has to be milled down to 1.5 cm and will gradually retain the heat after 10 minutes of cooking. I'm not sure what the stone will do after being heated up and cooled down repeatedly. Thanks for any help.

Dave.Scott Premium Member

Does Invisacook warrant their design? David Scott Architectural Stone of Montana / Slabworks of Montana Bozeman, Mont. 406-522-9001 "What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, what is woven into the lives of others" - Pericles


From what I can tell they do not warranty anything to do with the stone, only their product itself. That's the part that worries me

justzack Administrator

I would think it would kill the stone. Justin Zacherl Creekside Granite and More 814-657-3294 Justin.zacherl@stonefabricatorsalliance.com


Being milled down that thin in that area sounds like we'd be asking for it to crack.

Dave.Scott Premium Member

I have seen quartz countertop crack because of heat created by an induction cooktop. If it was me; No warranty, no way. It's your butt on the line if things go south!

gssfabrication Premium Member

First you would have to ensure the stone being used has ZERO resin coating/filler, otherwise it is going to turn ugly quick. Stone will likely weaken over time specifically in that area due to the thermal cycling. If your client absolutely has to have an under-counter induction cooktop, stick with sintered materials (Dekton®, porcelain, etc.); even then it’s going to create a localized thermal cycling compared to the surrounding area. None of it sounds great from a longevity standpoint. Clearly communicate that your work and material would be as-is unless you want to be tied to "not if but when it fails" issue. Good luck! Rick Graff. GSS Fabrication Inc. 1944 Saint St. Richland, Wash. estimating@gssfabrication.com 509-375-1960


I wouldn’t mill it. Find some tile and insert it in that area and support underneath.


Thanks for all the input everybody!

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