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Reverse-Osmosis System

oatesgranite Premium Member

Who is using this on their waterjet pump? We have a new sawjet and water system but have been told by KMT our city water supply needs a little help. Culligan is quoting a system upwards of $25k just for enough for cutting water. Michael Oates Oates Granite & Monument Quitman, Miss.

Joe Durfee Premium Member

They tried telling us when I was still in Michigan about 15 years ago. As far as I know, Great Lakes is still running their waterjet without one. Joe Durfee American Floor Covering East Hartford, Conn.

fernando Premium Member

We opted to go with deionizer tanks, they plumb in-line and have an indicator light when it’s time to swap. Fern Calvillo Presidio Tile and Stone Central Coast CA 805-310-2177

Daniel Premium Member

levels of systems, and you don't need it running 24/7. A couple notes: • You can beat a smaller system with larger tanks. • Our tanks wouldn't refill until they were almost empty, where we wanted them to refill as soon as they were used. Daniel R Stone Store

gssfabrication Premium Member

Michael, hard to believe that your water would take a $25,000 system to clean up for a waterjet. Ask the vendor for the specs they require and find another water-quality specialist (Culligan makes great systems but they also want to sell more than you might need.) Odds are you need water filtered down to 0.2 micron and total dissolved solids below X amount; pH about X, etc. RO water is great if your system absolutely has to have it; however odds are good you can get by with a multi-filtration system (3-4 filters) and, if your pH is that bad, a balancer. Your city water (potable water) has to be a minimum standard. Otherwise they have some explaining to do why the water you would normally drink might be hazardous to your health. Bottoms up! Rick Graff

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