TABQUARTZ is a new-generation manufacturer of engineered stone/quartz slabs, with the unique advancements of:

  • Luster Technology™ that creates a gloss that’s unprecdened and unmatched. A TABQUARTZ slab typically achieves values between 55 and 85 when measured with a glossmeter. That's up to 30% higher than the industry-standard gloss value of 35 to 60.
  • High Density Quartz (HD Quartz™) to make a typical TABQUARTZ slab denser, heavier and stain-resistant. A custom-designed automatic molding line process, along with an extraordinary high-vacuum-generating hydraulic press, ensures that slabs are compacted to the maximum possible value while removing any possible molecule of air inside. This makes TABQUARTZ slabs very compact, even in alternate finishes such as Honed and Satin.

Statuario Savon (polished)

Statuario Savon [2572] - The latest addition to the TABQUARTZ Statuario Series takes inspiration from the beautiful Pietra Grey marble from Iran, as well as the soft textural appeal of soapstone.

The result is a never-before-seen TABQUARTZ creation that combines both of these ideas and renders realistic veining set within a high-depth background.

The deep grey/brown aesthetic with subtle, grey-toned highlights contrasts with elegant, extended white veins . The natural variation in the background hues make each piece unique, like natural stone, and the crisp continuous white veins make the surfaces perfect for waterfall edges on countertops or walls.

The overall design is very precise and crisp and is made using a specially developed ROBOTIC arm, which ensures perfect pattern and book-matching (if needed), slab after slab.

Statuario Savon is available in both polished as well as satin/leather finishes. TAB’s satin/leather finish is a trademark finish and is preferred with a low-luster surface look. It’s highly resistant to smudges, and has the same resistance to chemicals and stains as all our other colors and finishes in the TABQUARTZ product line.

Statuario Savon can be easily maintained and doesn’t require sealing or polishing ... unlike its natural relatives of marble and soapstone.

Statuario Savon (satin)

New Developments

TABQUARTZ has always been ahead of the curve, and has a very distinguished colour palette of new marble designs being launched as part of a definitive line early in 2021. The product line will only be available through TAB US distributors on a pre-program orders basis.

The speciality of the line is its true to the real stone like patterns and colours, yet keeping it real and natural with some natural movements and variations to give it that character.

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