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Damp Quartzite After Install


I had Opaque Sky quartzite installed in my kitchen about 2 months ago. The area around the faucet holes never "dried out" and they have actually darkened since installation. The fabricator has been out to my place 3 times trying various methods (poultice, heat), but it still looks the same. I'm starting to wonder if this will ever look right. Any advice on what to do going forward. I like my fabricator, but this is quite frustrating since quartzite is ridiculously expensive.

I've attached pics. The whole kitchen pic is from the day of installation.

The close up is from today.

Ken Lago SFA Member

You're right not to blame the fabricator, he more than anyone wants to solve this problem. You picked a ridiculous expensive gorgeous stone that comes with 'some' issues. It's moisture trapped in the stone. If possible remove the mesh and glue on the bottom of stone so it can dry out. These quartzites can never be sealed enough. Ken Lago Granite Countertop Experts llc 5875 Jefferson Ave. Newport News VA 23605 Cell# 757-214-4944 Office# 757-826-9316 Email: klago@TheGraniteExperts.com www.TheGraniteExperts.com

Darryl Miller SFA Member

Try putting a fan in the cabinet underneath to keep air moving on it. If it has already been sealed it is going to take longer for the moisture to evaporate. Darryl Miller USA Stone and Marble LLC 3203 Powell Avenue Nashville, TN 37204 615-383-7585 www.nashvillegranite.net

Andy Ross SFA Member

We recently fabricated the same material for a customer and had the same issue. I asked her to call me a week later if the material hadn't dried out. I haven't heard from her so I'm assuming its dry. It's nothing more than water trapped in there and it can take a while to come out. Based on your pictures, it looks like it has dried out quite a bit. Andy Rock Solid Surfaces Kalamazoo, MI

Mitch@ASW SFA Member

On a side-note, that ogee looks great! hopefully you thanked your fabricator for that as it's difficult to get that result on that material. Mitch Korth Production Manager, Austin Stone Works Austin, TX Mitch@AustinStoneWorks.com "If you don't know where to start, go back to the beginning." -Alphonse Soady

Mark Meriaux

Anything you can do to encourage drying.......a fan, a dehumidifier, a small space heater... will help. Once dry, additional applications of a professional sealer are recommended. Mark Meriaux Accreditation & Technical Manager Natural Stone Institute mark@naturalstoneinstitute.org direct 440-250-9222 x217 • mobile 770-490-0419

crobb SFA Member

First of all; thank you for being an understanding consumer! I am sure your fabricator feels awful and quite helpless about it. Issues with material like this are all over the internet, many fabricators are learning about it the hard way, often after the product has been cut or installed. Many fabricators are trying everything and spending countless man-hours to come up with the best remedy for the moisture issues in these types of quartzites. We have been trying to adapt our sales approach and try and mentioned it several times during the sale process to set realistic expectations. Those that have replied have given great advice so far and I totally agree with Mitch, that ogee edge is crisp! Cecil Robberts http://www.elegantesurfaces.com Newnan, GA

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