A review of U.S. and world conditions relating to the hard-surfaces industry.

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Hard-Surface Imports 2021 vs 2020

(customs value)

Through Sept. 2021: $3,856,444,211

Through Sept. 2020: $2,745,362,014

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Breath Regulated

FY 2021 U.S. workplace-safety violations relaed to respiratory protection. (Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration)


Year-to-year rise, U.S. Consumer Price Index without food or energy costs, October 2021. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Indian rupee vs. U.S. dollar

INR 74.5653:$1 (11/1/2020) to INR 74.9379:$1 (11/1/2021) (Source:

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Radio Stone Update Podcast | November 10, 2021

Select Interior Concepts goes private and changes its name to Architectural Surfaces Group; Coverings Connected online features Natural Stone Institute President Michael Picco on Nov. 17; Stone Industry and Supply Alliance (SESA) will now include slab-surface manufacturers and providers.