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Cersaie 2022: The Latest in New Tile Design, Technology & Use

. (Photo © Arpi Nalbandian)

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By Arpi Nalbandian Tileometry

The long-awaited first day of Cersaie is almost here! The 39th edition of the global annual tile and stone exhibition on Sept. 26-30 is located in the picturesque and historical city of Bologna, Italy. It’s the place where attendees expect to see new designs, reimagined patterns, textures and colors, formats, graphics, and more. And, they won’t be disappointed If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend Cersaie, prepared to be in awe. Not only will you be mesmerized by the sheer size of the show – held in the Bologna Exhibition Center that houses 14 buildings, and host to more than 650 exhibitors dedicated to inspiring architects, interior designers, tile installers, distributors, and retailers . This exhibition requires focus, curiosity, and endurance. Did I mention you need to bring comfortable shoes? Having had the pleasure of attending several editions of Cersaie, I can whole heartedly attest to the show’s influence over what you’ll see in new tile products introduced in the months following this event. The tile designs and uses debuting at Cersaie will, for the most part, make an appearance next spring during Coverings. Of course, having already been privy to the big reveal in Bologna, seeing them in the U.S. (and how they were received by Coverings’ attendees) further cements the vital role Cersaie plays in inspiring worldwide trends and designs.

Strolling the streets of Bologna, you must look up to take in the beauty of the decorative porticos. (Image © Arpi Nalbandian)

A big crowd awaits the opening of the first day of Cersaie last year. (Photo courtesy Cersaie)

Cersaie fills the halls of BolognaFiere with the one of biggest international tile echibtion in the world (Photo courtesy BolognaFiere)

Focus on Sustainable Beauty

Tile is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly (thanks to its ability to be recycled, and therefore, reprocessed for other uses), but it continues to remain resilient in its relevancy for being a highly customizable design element. Whether it’s used as energy-saving cladding for an outdoor façade, to timeless mosaics, as a cooktop, or to add natural elements indoors (think biomimicry/biophilia), the beneficial possibilities seem endless. According to Cersaie, “Among the best materials in terms of sustainability, ceramics (frequent in the production of sanitary ware) rank at the first positions. Its characteristics already provide elements of sustainability, such as high durability (between 50 and 75 years) and the inertia of the material, which facilitates the recycling of waste.” Building restoration takes center stage during Cersaie’s “building, dwelling, thinking” cultural program. The conference – The Sustainable Beauty of Restoration – spotlights how environmental sustainability binds with restorative efforts, with both involve reusing existing buildings to achieve the goal of zero land consumption. “These kinds of architectural projects are far from trivial, however, because they must find solutions suited to the new uses of the buildings, which often differ significantly from their original functions,” note show organizers. Two different architectural projects carried out in Sicily, Italy, will be highlighted: Casa Asilo and Palazzo Butera. Award-winning Italian architect Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo presents the Casa Asilo project, while architect Giovanni Cappelletti analyzes the Palazzo Butera project in Palermo.

There's plenty to see with large-format porcelain slab throughout Cersaie's many exhibit halls. (Photo courtesy Cersaie)

Florim’s high-gloss stone tile with jagged marble veins (Image © Arpi Nalbandian)

Tiling Town offers plenty of expertise in demonstrations of installing slab-size porcelain. (Photo courtesy Cersaie).

Tiling Town

The 10th Tiling Town features professional training events, hands-on demonstrations, a web-based radio station, and more. With more than 400 m² (approximately 4,300 ft²), Tiling Town’s focus is on Italian and international tile installers ,with several opportunities to attend slab (large format) installation demonstrations presented by expert tile installation professionals. Set aside some time to visit this integral area to gain a deeper appreciation of the craftsmanship and essential experience required to create tile art, and the artisans behind enduring installations. Also included in Tiling Town’s week-long extensive program is Tiling Town Matinées, a series of tile installation events organized by technical partners Fila, Mapei and Raimondi of Assoposa, the Italian ceramic tile layers’ association.

What to Expect

If you’re planning to attend, then here’s a brief glimpse of what you can expect to see, hear, and touch during this year’s edition. An extensive review will be published in the November/December 2022 issue of Stone Update, so make sure to keep an eye out for the edition. Ciao!

Cersaie is organized by Edi.Cer SpA and promoted by Confindustria Ceramica in collaboration with Bologna Fiere, and features the majority of Ceramics of Italy members. For more detailed, timely information about events, schedules, and exhibitors, please visit the Cersaie website here.

Lea Ceramiche partnered with French designer Patrick Norguet for another winning tile collaboration! It’s always such a pleasure to meet designers at Cersaie and speak to them about their creative inspiration. (Image © Arpi Nalbandian)

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