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Blue Bahai problems


I have a customer experiencing markings on their Blue Bahia countertops. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get rid of these markings, what they could be, or how they are being caused? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Ken Lago

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Etching. Face polish can fix that.

Ken Lago

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Thank you for your reply. I was originally thinking it was hard-water stains that might be leaving the marks. I didn't know that the Blue Bahia granite was susceptible to etching. Do you know what would cause the surface to etch this material?

We've been selling this material for a very long time. These actual slabs did not come from my company, but I am just trying to help out this contractor and homeowner to find some kind of remedy. I've never seen this happen with Blue Bahia.

steven nenzel

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Blue Bahia is not granite. Granite will not etch under normal circumstances.

Steven Nenzel

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Ken Lago

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Under normal circumstances, yes. but can still get severely damaged if the acid is strong enough. You will have to do a little detective work to find the culprit.

Matt Lansing

SFA Director

The etching is not caused by vacuum pods during the fabrication process. It is most likely due to spills in the customer’s home, such as fruit juices and cleaning products. The round etch was from a glass that had condensation on it and was left to sit for a long time on the stone. If spills or water spots are not wiped up immediately. then they will etch.

Some slabs of Bahia will have calcite in them and some won't. This batch appears to have calcite and there's nothing that can really be done to stop the etching aside from a topical wax coating or going so far as to apply a topical sealant like More Anti-etch.

Matt Lansing

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Stone Dude

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Blue "granites" are sodalites; they etch. They are hard like granite, but susceptible to etching like marble, although the reaction is not quite as severe. 1000 Grit Alpha Ceramica wet-to-dry may get this out, then re-polish with MB-20 and you're good to go.

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