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Cross-Hatch Pattern


We recently had white marble installed in our kitchen. In one area we have a faint cross-hatched pattern that appears to be the same as the glue bond on the bottom surface of the countertop ... like a waffle. Any ideas of the cause? Could it be improper preparation by the contractor? Any ideas how to fix it? It has already been sealed.

Ken Lago

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It may be that they lifted the stone with a vacuum lifter before sealer had dried. Is it a rectangular area, approx.. 12"x 24"?

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Thanks Ken. the hatching pattern is about 3/16” square across an area spanning at least 12” wide by 36” long. There is no texture to it, but it is very visible in the light by looking across the surface. Can anything be done?


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Crazy guess, but the marble could have marred from being transported with the back of one piece touching the polished surface of another piece. Either being clamped down too tight on the truck or too loose and the vibration of the pieces marking the “waffle” grid into the polished surface.,

Call your fabricator/installer - they should be able to easily come to do a quick surface polish and remove the “waffle” pattern.

Cecil Robberts


Newnan, Ga.

Mark Meriaux

... another possibility is that the slabs were stacked prior to full cure of the epoxy that binds the mesh on the back of the slabs. Epoxy or vapors from it curing may have transferred from one slab to the next.

Same solution as stated above. Likely needs a quick top-polishing by a professional.

Mark Meriaux

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Excellent, thank you for the replies! I have the fabricator coming back to fix an outlet box hole in the backsplash, so I will have him polish at the same time.

Dan R.

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We have had slabs like that from being stored outside in the heat, and the back mesh imprints on the polish of the face of the next slab. Some MB 12 and a white backer will be an easy fix.

Dan R.

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Thanks Dan, that would explain it as they were stored outside before fabrication.

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